Why You Should Not Take Youth Development for Granted

Why You Should Not Take Youth Development for Granted


A huge number of babies are born each year and they require their fair share of love and attention. With that being said, not all babies are born in loving families resulting in them being neglected with their emotional needs. Some are living in poverty making them excluded from social, economic or educational opportunities. This, however, does not mean that these children are a lost cause as there are a lot of things that can be done to help them. This is what Bashir Dawood believes in with the youth projects that he has started.

Motivate and Inspire

As mentioned earlier, not everyone has the chance to pursue the career that they want because of the limited amounts of opportunities that they have. Neglecting their needs, however, will not make matters worse as there is a huge likelihood that they will be living a life of delinquency. Youths need a good role model to which they can follow and inspire them. This is the reason why different programs for youths are made with the intent to promote structure and guidance to students.

Several youths had to stop attending school not because of their choice but due to poverty. Some of them are also quite smart and have the desire to improve the economic conditions not only for themselves but also with their families. These programs are also able to offer educational opportunities to help youths discover their full potential.

Helps Create Future Leaders

Youth development programs started by Bashir Dawood provides a unique learning experience to the participants which also goes a long way in helping reintegrate themselves into society in an orderly manner. This can also be a huge confidence boost to teens with the challenges that they will be undertaking. Since most of the youth development activities are done in groups, there is also a huge likelihood for them to develop leadership and team-building skills. This knowledge is something that they can carry around and remember dearly even after the program has ended making it worthy of their time and investment.

It is important to remember that the youths today have the potential to become future leaders regardless of where they came from. You will often see stories of success of people who are from rags to riches. Their success was not achieved by their own but with the people supporting the action that they are taking.

Another thing to note is that these programs are made possible through generous donations and they will need all the help that they can for them to achieve their goals and succeed. You can help join the cause by supporting youth development programs in your local community through physical or financial contributions.

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