Beacons of Humanity, Kindness and Dignity in the Midst of Crises

962 ViewsAs the war in Ukraine rages, there have been reports of untold suffering all around. With casualties on both sides of the war going up and as the infrastructure of Ukraine gets pounded by Russian missiles, the losses, of life and property, in Ukraine, are hard to quantify. Human suffering unquantifiable Human suffering is […]

3 tips for getting hired through an international teacher consultant

1,841 ViewsIf you’re looking for a teaching job abroad, an international teacher consultant can be your best resource. So what exactly is a teacher-consultant? They provide you with all the information and support you need to ensure you get hired as quickly as possible. But how are they different from recruiters? For starters, they don’t work […]

How Email Scoring Can Turn Your Email Marketing Around

441 ViewsAre you interested in learning more about email scoring and how it affects your email marketing results? If you’d want to learn more about this issue, you’ve come to the perfect spot! To help you out, we’ve got precisely the thing! The effectiveness of your email marketing initiatives largely rests on one thing: how […]