What is Abrasion Testing

14,047 ViewsWhen thinking about how quality is a trait that many companies pride themselves on but without extensive testing, do you know how long your product will last before breaking or wearing out? The main reason why a company does abrasion testing when they are producing a quality product that is error-free. It is important […]

What You Should Be Looking For In A Pet Photographer

625 ViewsPet photography refers to a type of portrait photography that specializes in pets, domesticated animals like dogs and cats. It’s very different from wildlife photography since it only shoots domesticated animals like the ones mentioned above and usually uses 35 mm, 50, to 85 mm compared to wildlife photography that uses longer range lenses […]

Scott Tominaga Offers Tips For Good Investor Relation Strategies

650 ViewsAs the corporate world becomes further complex and competitive, it is essential that companies start to give more focus on the aspect of investor relations (IR). Scott Tominaga mentions that the IR department is especially needed in the medium-to-large public companies of today as it provides the investors with an absolutely accurate account of […]

Ali Ata – Wield the Power of Music for Academic and Career Success

3,129 ViewsMost people enjoy listening to music in their leisure time; however, if you wish to achieve both academic and professional success in life, research proves you should listen to music more often. Music helps to boost your mood and enhances focus. Instrumental music has proved to increase productivity, so if you wish to succeed […]