Why virtual film festivals should protect streaming content with video watermarking

4,334 ViewsWith international travel restrictions, theater closures, and nation-wide lockdowns brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, film festivals have also had to recalibrate to stay afloat and attract attendees. Film festivals, which screen pre-release and curated films, have, thus, moved to streaming platforms. Organizers are also live streaming video conversations and hosting pre-recorded messages from filmmakers […]

How to Select the Right Architects in Coimbatore to Build Your Dream Home

518 ViewsYou live most of your life working towards building your perfect dream home. The size and price of the home do not matter but it should have connectivity to call it home. Building your dream home is not only about buying the property, or flat, or even that bungalow. It is mainly about finding […]

Pros of Using Video Marketing for Your Business

381 ViewsVideo has become a powerful tool when it comes to marketing any online business. Almost all businesses have started using video marketing realising that it is an important and inevitable strategy to boost business and increase brand awareness and value. Most businesses have also experienced the fact that video marketing provides them with a […]

What Do I Need to Start an E-Commerce Business?

1,231 Views2020 changed the world forever. The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, and economic crashes had an effect all over the United States. Almost the entire world of business was conducted online, especially with regards to retail. Coming out of the worst of the pandemic in 2021, while still dealing with its […]