Key Things About Tesla Sales

Key Things About Tesla Sales


Tesla is a famous car company founded in 2003 by Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard and named as Tesla motors. The name of the company was a tribute to the inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla. The main motive behind the establishment of the Tesla company was to make people believe that electric drive can also be as fun and interesting as gasoline cars. Tesla holds about 18% of the market share in the global electric car market. It is mentioned in the latest data of the car market. It is a great part of the car market.

Tesla sales are spread widely all over the world but have high sales in some top countries like California, New Jersey, and Chicago. TSLA stock takes 70% of the car market in the many countries which have a huge portion of in-vehicle marketing.

States with high Tesla Sales

Some of the top states which have the highest Tesla sales are mentioned below:

California – It is so obvious that California will be on the top of the list of states with the highest tesla sales. About 45% of Tesla cars are sold here. In San Francisco about 10.4% sales, Los Angeles has 15% of sales.

Florida – Florida is the second state in the list where Tesla has it’s the largest number of sales. In Florida, the progressive sale of model S is recorded. In Florida,11.2% of the residents own Tesla. Florida has a great demand for Tesla cars for trips to Miami.

Washington – Model S of Tesla are in demand in the area of Seattle – Tacoma, they made the almost whole nation use model S. When the new edition model was launched, in the first sale 4.6% of the registrations were from Washington.

Texas- In Texas, it is very hard to get a good business for any car, because it is famous for illegal automakers. Apart from all this Tesla has its positive results in the terms of sales in Texas. Tesla has 8.3% of total booking and from which Dallas – Fort owns about half of the booking.

New Jersey – Tesla cars can be sold directly to the buyers in New Jersey, after a long struggle. When the new edition was launched Tesla sales were comparatively high in New Jersey. It was on the first rank on the list of top states where Tesla sales were high. Electric cars have always been very famous in New Jersey.


In this article, the top states where the sales of Tesla are high are mentioned. You can find the States where the electric cars of Tesla have been sold in high. If you think Tesla is a good company to invest, you can check its income statement at before that.

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