Jack Elway Mentions How Family Legacy and Football Influenced His Life

Jack Elway Mentions How Family Legacy and Football Influenced His Life


John Albert “Jack” Elway III came into this world in August of 1989. He was born in the Englewood city of Colorado, in a family of exceptional football players.  As a result of his family history, Jack Elway was best known to be the son of John Elway. Jack Elway has a remarkable football career and was even teammates with players like Shannon Sharpe and Terrell Davis. However, even while having a rich football legacy, Jack ultimately chose to forge his own path and deviate from this sport in the future.

Jack Elway underlines how he made his name away from the football field

John Albert “Jack” Elway III is a son and a grandson of extremely good prominent football players, and therefore he has been surrounded by this sport from a very young age. Influenced by his family members, Jack Elway also initially went on to give the sport of football a try. In fact, much like his father, he played quarterback. He used to be a quarterback at the Cherry Creek High School in Colorado. Subsequent to graduating from this high school in 2008 after receiving All-State honors in his senior year, he tried to enter the world of professional football. At the very same time, his father, John Elway also worked at the Cherry Creek High School as a quarterback coach. He tried to do that to provide his son with all the mentoring and guidance he needed to effectively enhance his football skills and positively progress in this sport.

Just before his graduation, Jack Elway was signed to play as a quarterback at Arizona State University. He, unfortunately, left the team in April 2009. One of the major reasons for this being that while Jack was a good football player, he couldn’t match the excellence of his father. Due to his legacy, there were always a lot of expectations from him to perform incredibly in the game of football, but he didn’t manage to live up to those expectations. But rather than being crushed by this burden, Jack decided to take a smarter route and make his career in a path not related to football.

Going with his passion and instincts, Jack Elway started his own hat company known as the Mint Tradition. This company is renowned to specialize in high-end and customized headwear. The headwear of this company received the endorsement of multiple NFL athletes and as a result, became highly popular among football fans. For those looking to experience the excitement of the games where these athletes sport Mint Tradition hats, consider purchasing your next NFL game tickets through TicketSmarter.  The products of this company were in fact showcased in the kickoff party of the 2016 ESPY Awards as well, which played a significant role in boosting its popularity. Like a smart and ambitious person, Jack managed to use his football connection to enhance his career even while staying away from the field. His family has always been supportive of his different career choice, and has encouraged him even to forge a path of his own. His decision of leaving professional football ultimately proved to be a great one.

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