Smart is Your Trivia Quiz

How Smart is Your Trivia Quiz


As we age, it’s no surprise that our brains aren’t as sharp as we remember them being in our youth. We start losing brain cells and can feel our brain slowing down in certain areas. However, there are ways to counteract the aging process and even regain lost memories and skills through a simple tool: weird trivia quiz. While they may not necessarily increase your memory or well-being, they can be fun and can help you pass time easily. It’s also a good idea to do the topic quiz that suits your interest like sports, entertainment, animals and much more

Fun & easy trivia quiz

Most of us have been through trivia quizzes in pubs and bars, and probably have mixed feelings about them. On the one hand, it is fun to test yourself and your friends. On the other hand, you can score points for random chance or trivial knowledge. Trivia quizzes can be a lot of fun; we just need to think about how we might make them better.

I propose that we try to convert trivia quizzes into a more interesting game: a game that tests some skill like memory and knowledge but also gives people a chance to shine and be recognized for their talents.

Have fun while you learn

The game show Jeopardy! is more than just a game. It’s more like a template for how to run your life, with entertaining quizzes of all kinds subbing in for the categories on Jeopardy! For example, you, like me, probably had no idea who invented the fire escape or where the phrase “the whole kit and caboodle” came from. Now you do, thanks to Jeopardy!.

But wait—there’s more! If trivia were just random facts, it would be boring. What makes trivia entertaining is that it’s about things that are fun to know. Some of them are practical. You can see why knowing who invented the fire escape might be useful if there’s a fire in your house some day. But some of the knowledge is just for fun. Some people think this is trivial stuff. I disagree. Trivia is not trivial if it’s fun to know. How many things are there that are both useful and fun? The correct answer is: one—knowledge.

Take a trivia quiz

The results of a trivia quiz are a good measure of how much you have been exposed to the culture in which you live. This is a convenient thing to remember, if you want to win a trivia quiz. The questions on a typical quiz are not very hard. The world does not have many difficult general facts, and most of them have been in the news recently. The easier questions on a quiz are usually just specific facts from somewhere in the news lately.

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So if you know what country is the largest producer of rice, or where they speak the most Spanish, or whether Pluto is closer to the Sun than Neptune, then that’s because you have been exposed to news from those places. It doesn’t mean you know more about them than someone who has never heard of them. But it does show that you know more about your own culture than someone whose culture doesn’t include any of those things.

Do a few brain teasers

It is a common strategy for trivia quiz shows to start off with easy questions. You get a bunch of them right, and then you feel pretty good about yourself, and then you get stumped by the first hard one. The contestant doesn’t realize that he has been led into the Start of Trivia Quiz Hell, where every question is going to be hard. The standard way to make a test more accurate is to make it longer. But what if you wanted to make a trivia quiz less accurate? Then you would shorten it. The shorter a trivia quiz is, the more random chance plays a role in who wins. At the very beginning of the show, there’s lots of luck involved in getting those first questions right. So as soon as you have one winner, you’re ready to declare that the next person who gets those questions right gets the money.

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