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How to Stay Motivated During NEET 2022 Preparation?


Let’s face it, competitive exams, especially in today’s time when the competitive levels are so fierce, does scare the daylights out of us, and if the competitive exam in question is NEET, then the anxiety levels seem to skyrocket.

Somewhere, this level of anxiety seems to stem from the hype around NEET, as NEET now stands as the only medical entrance test in India that must be cleared in order for students to pursue undergraduate medical programmes. Lakhs of students register for NEET every year, NEET 2022 will not be different in terms of the number of registrations.

NEET is a highly competitive test; utmost dedication and sheer hard work are keys for students to clear this test. A full-proof preparation along with the right guidance can help you ace NEET. But, all this goes in vain if you do not stick to your study plan and are least propelled. It is vital to stay consistent and motivated at the time of preparation. In today’s article, we discuss a few ways in which you can stay motivated all through your NEET 2022 preparation. Read on.

Staying Motivated through NEET 2022 Preparation

Set clear goals

Writing down your goals and setting them clearly with practical timelines can push you to be action-driven. This increases the chances of achieving goals to a great extent. Make an action plan on how exactly you are going to achieve your goals on a timely basis and review them. Also, do not feel discouraged if you fail to follow the plan on one day, come back to it the next day all the more zealous. Do not quit, stay consistent. It will lead to success.

Laser focus 

Steer clear of all the pressures and stay focussed on how you can make today effective. Make up your mind to stick to your study plan today and achieve all your goals. For instance, if your study plan says study one chapter each from each of the subjects, and solve one NEET question paper, then ensure to complete this task today. Make a to-do list on a daily basis and ensure to accomplish it.

Enjoy learning 

If you enjoy learning, it will no longer feel like a tedious task. Enjoy the process of preparation for competitive exams, you will feel less stressed, this way more focus will be drawn towards achieving academic goals. 

Get creative

It is a natural tendency to feel inattentive if anything seems dull and boring. Nothing different with learning and exam preparation. You can always get creative and make the whole process interesting and appealing. Take visual assistance, make attractive and easy to understand notes, learn about the science behind colours, graphics and how they can influence your learning. Use audio notes to listen to concepts and retain information for longer, and different memory building and scientific techniques can be tried too.

Well organized

NEET preparation is no small ordeal. It demands hard work, dedication, patience, focus and organisation. Staying organised is an aspect that is often overlooked by students. However, its importance is immense, take time out to organise and plan beforehand as it has untold benefits.

You just understood a few points on staying motivated during NEET 2022 preparation.

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