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10 Creative Tips to Choose Perfect Home Painting Colours


Choosing a colour is exciting, overwhelming and daunting all at once. Your housecolour will express your taste, choice and personality to your guests even before they get to know you. Whether you are doing the walls of your new apartment or simply repainting your dull walls, choosing the right colour palette is essential to make your home feel warm and an extension of yourself.

No matter your taste, aesthetic or the size of your space, we bring to you 10 creative tips to choose home colour combinations that you will be obsessed with.

1. Look at your wardrobe

An unconventional yet sensible way to choose a colour palette for your house is to look into your closet and observe the colours that you gravitate towards. Most of us wear colours that make us feel good and evoke a strong emotion from within us. Why not incorporate your favouritecolours into your home?

2. Pull out hues from the decor elements

It makes more sense to start with your furniture pieces, artwork, throws, pillows, rugs and linens than paints. Since these décor elements will remain in the room, get inspired by them. Study the accents, patterns, prints in the room and work around them.

3. Don’t ditch the colour wheel

No one is too cool to take inspiration from the colour wheel. It’s the easiest and the cheapest way to test out colour combinations for walls and narrow down a few options. Observe which colourscomplement each other and which analogous colours you can use together.

4. Take inspiration from the landscape

Why not forge a connection between outdoor and indoor? Pick a décor aesthetic that matches the outdoor. While you can choose rustic and dark shades of brown, red and greenfor a mountain cabin, you can go for warm neutrals, yellow or blue for beach houses.

5. Understand what you want to highlight

If you want the décor pieces in your room to steal the spotlight then go for light hues for the walls, whereas if your furniture is minimalistic then you can contrast it with bold and statement colour combinations for walls.

6. Aim for cohesiveness

You don’t want to hurt your eyes by choosing a chaotic colour scheme throughout the house. Pick a signature colour palette and use these colours throughout the house in a different capacity to tie together all the rooms and make the interior look fluid and effortless.

7. Don’t shy away from outrageous colours

Have you always dreamt of having a rich plum colour kitchen cabinetry or a teal themed bathroom? If yes, then there is nothing that should stop you from getting them.

8. Be creative when you are going neutral

Black, white, beige and cream are not the only neutral colours out there. You can get a neutral aesthetic for your house by choosing light hues of pale green, light mint, smoky lavender and moss green.

9. Choose colours for functionality

Go for light hues if you want to make a compact room appear larger or make a large room look cosy by using dark colours which will shrink the space.

10. Don’t just select a colour

Your job just begins once you have finalized a colour combination for walls. Decide whether you want a warm or a cool undertone and choose the intensity of every hue. Keep in mind that the shifting of the natural light will affect how the colours will appear at different times of the day.

Colours mean different things to different people. Reflect on which colours speak to you the most and incorporate those home colour combinations to make your home your sanctuary. Do your homework by collecting fabric and paint swatches and browsing through your favourite home décor magazines before deciding your colour palette. Check out Asian Paint’s website right away to browse through a sea of stylish and contemporary paint colours for your home.

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