B1 English test and its evaluation criteria

B1 English test and its evaluation criteria


The B1 English test is one of the requirements of the UK’s home office for the candidates applying for settlement or citizenship in the UK. The Common European Framework of References for Languages(CEFR) measures the knowledge of the English language through these language exams and the B1 English test is one of those UKVI approved language exams. Since it is essential for the approval of citizenship in the UK the candidates will be interested in finding the evaluation criteria to work on the topics which can make it easier for them to clear the exam. The evaluation criteria and the B1 test booking details are also given for the candidates to refer to.

Evaluation criteria for the B1 exam

The evaluation of the candidate will be as follows:

The exam will be conducted in two phases and each phase will last for 5- minutes. The first phase will be on the topic chosen by the candidate for his/her presentation in front of the examiner. The candidate must clearly explain the topic and frame grammatically correct sentences. The examiner can ask questions to test you and you have to listen to it carefully and answer him. The questions will be based on the topic spoken by the candidate. Once this phase is over the examiner will proceed to the next phase in which he/she will choose two topics from common topics like special occasions and you can give your opinion or discuss the topic. You are allowed to ask one question to the examiner as well.

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This phase will also be 5 minutes long and the examiner will evaluate you based on your speaking and listening skills.

Points to remember during the exam

  • You will have to read all the instructions that are provided to you in the exam hall.
  • You should be well behaved.
  • The exam can be attended by anyone irrespective of gender, religion, or age.
  • The candidates have to clear the previous level of exams to write the B1 exam.
  • Usage of disturbing language is prohibited and if your performance is not satisfactory the examiner might hold your results.
  • Be well prepared when you come for the test.

Booking for the B1 exam

You have to register for the exam before you attend it. The candidates have to fill a form which will be about the personal details and the reason for attempting this exam. Select the options carefully and fill all the necessary details. Once you are done pay the fee online which is 200.00 GBP. Once you have completed the registration process you will receive a mail stating the date and time of the exam.

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This was all you needed to know about the test. While doing B1 test booking makes sure you select the correct options to avoid any issues in the future. The candidates must clear this exam to get citizenship in the UK. Follow the important points given above and clear the exam successfully.

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