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Ali Ata – Wield the Power of Music for Academic and Career Success


Most people enjoy listening to music in their leisure time; however, if you wish to achieve both academic and professional success in life, research proves you should listen to music more often. Music helps to boost your mood and enhances focus. Instrumental music has proved to increase productivity, so if you wish to succeed at work and need the motivation to work harder, listen to music, and watch the improvement gradually in your performance!

Ali Ata – Music helps in improving mental performance

Ali Ata is an esteemed Faculty from AAIM Development in the USA who says students should listen to music daily for improving their mental performance. When you listen to the music you like, the brain releases a neurotransmitter called dopamine that enhances your mood, makes you feel better and reduces stress as well as anxiety. Patients are often advised to listen to the music they like or take drugs that deal with anti-anxiety. Doctors and medical researchers have seen that music reduces the stress hormone cortisol in the body, and studies proved that music reduced stress levels more than patients who took anti-anxiety drugs.

It boosts productivity while exercising

Those who listen to motivational music during exercise in the gym are able to improve the quality of their workouts better. They are inspired to exercise more, and this helps them to feel better.

Six tips to stay ahead while applying for educational grants and scholarships

Students, on the other hand, are able to boost concentration when they listen to music. When you listen to familiar music, certain emotions are evoked in the brain, and in this way, concentration improves.

If you are applying for scholarships and grants and wish to stay ahead in the competition, the following tips will help-

  1. Consult teachers and students for suggestions and advice for scholarships and grants.
  1. Visit community portals.
  1. Apply for scholarships and grants that have smaller awards as the number of applicants is lesser than competitive ones. The chances of getting the award are higher.
  1. Apply for those scholarships that meet and match your interests; in this way, you are able to get better success.
  1. Never introduce yourself to the scholarship application essay. Be precise and to the point. Most committees generally resort to blind reading, and so if they find any name or identifiers, they disqualify the applications.
  1. Never repeat the prompt of the essay- Make sure you begin your essay professionally so that you can stand apart from the crowd. No one likes to read the same sentence all the time. Be original and be precise.

Ali Ata says that with the above- mentioned tips, you are able to succeed better with your scholarship and grant applications. He says when you are applying for bigger scholarships, you will find more applicants. So, make a detailed list of the lesser-known ones and start sending applications out to them. Most academic colleges and universities offer scholarships, and in case one does not work out, there are others for you to apply to with success!

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