Nabil Fakih – Why Should Pharmacists Be Empathetic and Patient with Their Customers


No one likes to fall sick; however, there are times when you fall prey to disease or illness and need to visit a doctor for medication and treatment. After the doctor checks your symptoms, he will advise on the healthcare treatment plan and the medications you need to follow. He will hand you a prescription that you need to take to your local pharmacy. Since people are often new to the illness or disease, they might be tensed with many questions in their minds. Some might need time to digest the news; they should abide by a new medicine regime and make changes in their diet and lifestyle. Though the doctor explains everything to them, they look for support for their treatment plan outside the doctor’s chamber. It is here that pharmacists take over from your doctor as they guide you on how you should take medicine along with its potential side effects that you must be aware of with other details.

Nabil Fakih – Pharmacists are your companions when it comes to healthcare and medicines

Nabil Fakih is the owner of the esteemed pharmacy in the USA- Dearborn Heights Pharmacy. He says pharmacists play an important role in society, and this is why people seek their intervention and advice when it comes to taking medicines without side effects. The pharmacist not only can read your prescription- his role is much more than that. He is a person who will educate you on the medicine so that you correctly take the right dosage. Besides, information on the medication you take, he will help you with lifestyle and dietary advice. For instance, some medications might have adverse reactions to food. So, he will prohibit you from taking certain food if you are on the dosage of medicine whose composition might adversely react to that food.

Friendly and emphatic attitude

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Pharmacists should be patient and friendly with their customers. It is obvious they deal with many types of customers. They should have a friendly attitude with every one of them. For instance, some patients are picking up medicines for an illness for the first time. They are often anxious, and they seek information not only on the medicine but also on the insurance company. It is here that a good pharmacist needs to understand the predicament of the first- time customer so that queries and concerns are gradually resolved. Some customers become so anxious they seem nervous or scared; the pharmacist should step in to make them comfortable and safe with their calming presence. Empathy is a quality every good pharmacist should possess.

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Dearborn Heights Pharmacy shares the reputation of being a pharmacy with friendly and empathetic pharmacists who care about their customers when it comes to healthcare. The staff here are proactive and caring. This is why the pharmacy is very popular in the USA with a loyal customer base. Patients are happy that the pharmacists here are much more compassionate companions than healthcare professionals helping them with their doctor prescriptions when sick!

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