Europe Tour Packages from Dubai

Affordable Europe Tour Packages from Dubai


Europe is a continent with many different cultures, beautiful beauty, and a long history. It’s not shocking that it’s one of the world’s most popular tourist spots. In 2021, Europe received over 745 million international tourists, making it the most visited continent in the world. However, if you are on a limited budget, you may believe that a vacation to Europe is out of reach. However, there are a number of cheap Europe tour packages at the best travel agencies in Dubai. These packages can help you save money on flights, lodging, and activities, allowing you to enjoy everything Europe has to offer without breaking the bank. Choose to manage your all travel concerns with the best travel agency in Dubai.

The Travel Makers      

The Travel Makers is one of the best travel agencies in Dubai to get low-cost Europe tour packages from Dubai. The Travel Makers is a renowned travel agency in Dubai, offering a diverse selection of holiday packages. They provide a variety of programs, including group tours, private tours, and customized excursions.

The Travel Makers’ Europe travel packages are among the cheapest on the market. They provide a range of alternative itineraries, allowing you to pick the ideal package for your interests and budget. These packages offer various trips to famous destinations in Europe at affordable prices.

Europe Tour Packages at The Travel Makers


Package Price
Simply Serbia AED 1,454
Vienna and Budapest AED 2,071


Package Price
Splendid Serbia AED 2,421
Madrid and Barcelona AED 2,094
Eastern Capitals AED 2,365
Berlin and Prague AED 2,465
Amsterdam and Berlin AED 2,567


Package Price
Best of Athens with Santorini AED 3,550
Amsterdam and Paris AED 3,810
Madrid and Andalusia AED 2,887
Best of Athens with Mykonos AED 3,706
Imperial Capitals AED 3,160
Beloved Europe AED 3,371


Package Price
Greece Island Hopping AED 3,951
Fascinating Greece AED 3,378
Best of Athens with Thessaloniki AED 3,722
Best of Athens with Mykonos AED 3,706
Imperial Capitals AED 3,160


Package Price
Classical Spain AED 5,026
Amazing Circle Tour of Iceland AED 7,469
Eastern Whispers AED 3,079
Prague to Berlin AED 4,248
Greece Best Seller AED 5,033


Package Price
Historical Greece AED 5,382


Package Price
Turkey with Greece AED 5,334

Popular Destinations in Europe

Athens, Greece: Step Back in Time

  • Explore the birthplace of Western civilization, where ancient landmarks such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon stand tall, preserving historical stories.
  • Discover the rich tradition and thrill your taste buds with exquisite Mediterranean food.

Amsterdam, Netherlands: A Canal Wonderland

  • Immerse yourself in the allure of this one-of-a-kind city, where breathtaking canals and brilliant tulip fields combine to create a spellbinding environment.
  • Visit world-class museums, take leisurely bike rides, and enjoy the legendary Dutch hospitality.

Paris, France: City of Lights and Love

  • Discover the beautiful ambiance of Paris by strolling along the Seine River and seeing popular attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum.
  • Delectable pastries, stylish boutiques, and artistic vibes thrive in this cultural destination.

Spain – Madrid, Barcelona: A Fiesta for the Senses

  • Discover the vivid spirit of Madrid, Spain’s capital noted for its majestic architecture and busy streets.
  • Visit Barcelona, where the Gaudi wonders, sandy beaches, and vibrant nightlife entice every visitor.

Italy – Rome, Florence, Venice: A Feast for the Senses

  • Explore the riches of Rome, the Eternal City, which is home to ancient wonders and Renaissance masterpieces.
  • Be fascinated by Florence’s enchanting atmosphere and Venice’s gondola-laden canals.

Zurich, Switzerland: Where Nature Meets Luxury

  • Enjoy the beauty of Switzerland’s financial center, which is surrounded by beautiful lakes and snow-capped mountains.
  • Enjoy exquisite activities and appreciate the Swiss way of life.

Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice

  • Nature’s wonders include flowing waterfalls, geysers, and majestic glaciers.
  • For a genuinely revitalizing experience, chase the elusive Northern Lights and relax in geothermal hot springs.

Serbia – Belgrade: Where East Meets West

  • Explore Belgrade, Europe’s hidden treasure, and immerse yourself in its unique mix of cultures and history.
  • Enjoy the lively nightlife, welcoming residents, and delectable Serbian food.

Vienna, Austria: The Elegance Melody

  • Enjoy classical music, imperial palaces, and lovely coffeehouses in this city.
  • Admire the architectural marvels that tell the stories of a golden past.

Budapest, Hungary: The Danube Jewel

  • Admire the stunning architecture, relax in warm baths, and take a trip down the Danube River for panoramic views.
  • Discover the allure of Hungary’s capital, where history and modernity coexist.

Best Time to Visit Europe

Europe is a continent that provides unique and different experiences all year. The best time to visit depends on your personal tastes and the activities you choose to take part in. Summer months from June to August are perfect for mild weather and outdoor adventure. If you prefer milder weather and fewer crowds, consider visiting during the spring (April to May) or fall (September to October) shoulder seasons. From December to February, a snowy wonderland awaits winter enthusiasts, ideal for skiing in the Alps and visiting the beautiful Christmas markets.

Transportation in Europe

Train: Europe has an extensive and efficient train network that connects big cities as well as smaller towns. High-speed trains such as the Eurostar, TGV, and ICE are popular for long-distance travel between countries. The Eurail Pass is a fantastic choice for visitors who want to visit many locations in a short amount of time.

Metro/Subway: Many major European cities have efficient metro or subway systems that make it easier to navigate and explore urban regions. Cities with well-developed metro networks include Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin, and Rome.

Bus/Coach: Buses and coaches are popular modes of transportation for short and long-distance travel within and between countries. FlixBus and Eurolines, for example, provide economical and convenient bus services linking numerous European towns.

Bus/Coach: Buses and coaches are popular modes of transportation for short and long-distance travel within and between countries. FlixBus and Eurolines, for example, provide economical and convenient bus services linking numerous European towns.

Flights: If you need to cover long distances quickly or visit destinations that are far apart, flying can be a time-saving option. Europe has numerous airlines that offer budget-friendly flights, such as Ryanair, EasyJet, and Vueling.

Trams and Trolleys: Trams and trolleys are widespread in many European cities and are an efficient mode of transportation for short distances within the city.

Famous Cuisines

French cuisine: France is famous for its diverse and rich cuisine, which is inspired by its history and geography. Boeuf bourguignon, coq au vin, and crème brûlée are some of the most well-known French delicacies.

Italian cuisine: Italian food is defined by its simple yet tasty meals, which often use fresh, local ingredients. Pizza, pasta, and risotto are some of the most well-known Italian foods.

Spanish food is famous for its robust flavors and use of spices. Paella, gazpacho, and tapas are some of the most famous Spanish meals.

Greek cuisine: Greek cuisine is unique by its use of fresh fish and herbs and spices. Moussaka, souvlaki, and baklava are some of the most famous Greek meals.

Turkish cuisine: Turkish cuisine is a fusion of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean elements. Kebabs, baklava, and lentil soup are some of the most well-known Turkish cuisines.

German cuisine: German cuisine is known for its hearty dishes, which frequently include meat and potatoes. Bratwurst, schnitzel, and sauerkraut are some of the most famous German meals.

British cuisine is known for its comfort foods, such as fish and chips, full English breakfast, and roast beef.

Russian cuisine: Russian cuisine is highlighted by the use of hearty items such as meat, potatoes, and cabbage. Borscht, pelmeni, and blini are three of Russia’s most famous foods.

Europe Visa from Dubai

Obtaining a Europe visa from Dubai is a simple process with the right guidance. The Travel Makers can assist you with the necessary documentation and ensure a seamless visa application procedure, enabling you to focus on the thrill of your forthcoming European adventure.


With The Travel Makers’ affordable Europe tour packages from Dubai, your goal of experiencing the Old Continent can become a reality. Book your Europe trip now by calling +971-4256-2434 and make amazing experiences as you travel across Europe’s greatest destinations.  Let The Travel Makers’ expert team take care of the details while you immerse yourself in the magic of Europe. Get ready to be enchanted!

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