5 most interesting characters from ALT Balaji’s Girgit


ALT Balaji’s Girgit web series is out. And boy, we can’t stop talking about it!

The series has made headlines with its spine-chilling plot of confessions, true colours, lies, and murder. While its storyline has struck the right chords with the audience, we can’t but notice the brilliance of every character in the series.

Below are the top five interesting characters from the Girgit web series that will blow your mind with their performance. Here, take a look:

1. Ranbir

Meet one of the interesting characters of the Girgit web series. Ranbir Khetan is the life of the show for obvious reasons, of course. He steals the limelight wherever he goes with his charm and personality. Well, to say the least, he is quite a hit among the ladies!

Behind Ranbir’s charming face lies a nasty man who does unimaginable things. So, can he kill his ex-wife? Can he dump his fiance for money? What is Ranbir really capable of? Well, what can we say? You’re in for a lot of surprises!

2. Shamoli

The housewife-turned-Femme Fatale is the silver shining of the show. Shamoli’s beauty can be captivating but, don’t let her striking looks fool you into believing her.

Deep down, she is a total narcissist (ugh!) Shamoli tends to be so selfish and self-involved that she often fails to understand other people’s feelings. But hey, what happens when a narcissist falls in love? Well, now, that is something you cannot miss for sure!

3. Mahi

The biggest ‘Girgit’ of them all! Mahi’s dynamic personality is the scariest thing about her! You will be instantly drawn towards her the minute she walks in only to regret it later.

It is quite interesting to watch her journey from a naive girl to a sly and cunning woman who later becomes the reason for Ranbir and Janhvi’s destruction. Yes, you read that correctly. Well, what can we say? You’ll see!

4. Avantika

She is the only good thing in Ranbir’s otherwise dark world. But, can Avantika rescue him? Can she pull him out of his misery? Does she help him deal with his demons?

Avantika Rao who plays Ranbir’s fiance is someone who believes in all things nice. She longs for happy endings and adores picture-perfect things. Oh and hey, did we mention that she also desires to be the best interior designer in the country? Well, you’ll see!

5. Agastya

He might come across as arrogant but trust us, he’s quite the opposite. Agastya is soft-hearted behind that stone-cold exterior.

Being a cop, he either plays by the rules or ends up making rules himself. So, think twice before messing with him. He’ll always be a step ahead of you!

Catch these above-mentioned characters in their element exclusively on ALTBalaji. So, get going ASAP to download the app and pay 80 paise every day. Then, watch Girgit online starring Nakul Sahdev, Taniya Kalrra, Ashmita Jaggi, Trupti Khamkar, and other popular actors in prominent roles. Hurry. You can’t afford to miss this! 😀

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