Pros & Cons of Wash Basin

Pros & Cons of Wash Basin Design Types


While designing your bathroom design, it is very important to pay heed to your wash basin design. If you fail to choose the right wash basin design, it will diminish the overall appeal of the bathroom. Hence, you must be very careful while choosing the wash basin design so that it complements the bathroom’s look. Besides their looks, each type has various advantages and disadvantages. From traditional top-mount wash basins, pedestal wash basins to modern under-mount wash basins, there are many options available in the market. Mentioned below are a few wash basin design types and their advantages and disadvantages so that you can understand which design will be more suitable for you:

01 of 06 Counter-top wash basin

A counter-top basin is put over the counter. These wash basin designs appear very appealing and are available in various shapes. This type is also called a vessel sink.

Pros: Unlike drop-in wash basins, counter-top wash basins stay completely uncovered above the counter. If you want to opt for a statement wash basin design to enhance your bathroom design appeal, this is the perfect option. Besides being aesthetically appealing, these wash basins can hold a lot of water.

Cons: One of the main things you need to keep in mind is the countertop height. Since the wash basin sits on the countertop, it can feel very high on a countertop that has a standard height.

02 of 06 Top-mount wash basin

The top-mount wash basin sits on a counter as well. However, only the edge of the wash basin stays elevated from the countertop. The rest of the body stays hidden inside the counter. Depending on your preferences, the edge can either be thin or thick.

Pros: Cleaning top mount wash basins is very easy. Since the body does not stay completely exposed, you do not have to put in a lot of time and effort for cleaning.

Cons: Since the edges stay elevated, you can wipe off water from the counter to the wash basin. This can make it a little difficult to clean water from the countertop.

03 0f 06 Under-mount basin

In this type of wash basin design, the entire wash basin stays hidden inside the counter. Unlike top-mount wash basins, the edges sit completely underneath the counter.

Pros: Cleaning this wash basin design is very easy. You can easily wipe off the water spilled on the countertop into the wash basin when required.

Cons: Compared to other wash basin types, installing this wash basin type is costlier. Further, a strong surface is required for the installation of an under-mount wash basin.

04 of 06 Wall-mount basin

This wash basin design does not require any counter for installation. As the name suggests, the wall-mounted wash basin stays mounted on the wall and does not require any counter space. These designs are often preferred because they look great in minimalist bathroom designs.

Pros: These wash basin designs are great in small bathroom designs. Since additional counter space is not required, you will have more floor space and make the bathroom design appear larger.

Cons: If you do not have counter space in your bathroom, you may not have additional storage unless you opt for cabinets.

05 of 06 Washplane wash basin

If you want a very stylish and appealing wash basin design, you should opt for washplane wash basins. You will notice these wash basins mostly in hotels and restaurants. They have a thin and streamlined design.

Pro: You can install them in small bathroom designs where sufficient space is not available as they make use of space very efficiently and make your bathroom design more functional. They are perfect for powder rooms.

Cons: The problem with this design is that it is extremely shallow and cannot hold much water.

06 of 06 Pedestal wash basin

A pedestal wash basin is similar to a wall-mounted wash basin with its own platform. It is commonly known as a detached basin as well. You do not have to mount this wash basin type on a wall or counter.

Pro: Pedestal wash basins do not require additional concealing as the pipes appear very stylish.

Cons: Compared to other wash basin types, these are quite expensive. Also, cleaning them consumes more time and effort.

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