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5 must-have batsmen in your fantasy team in T20 world cup 2021



Have you thought about making your cricket team with the top players around the world? While making your fantasy cricket team we know your main focus is on having some best players on your side to win against other teams.

A team is said to be a strong one when the runs made by the team are hard to score by opponents and in that case, the batsmen come as rescuers. A batsman is an important player because the team’s capability of scoring runs and not losing wickets depends on his skill.

He is ranked by his way to tackle the spinners and bowlers and not losing his temper in the field of the gentlemen’s game. In this years’ world cup, every team has got some best batsmen but we have names of some best players in the industry to be included in your team and make it the greatest of all time.

Here we have mentioned some must-have batsmen to include in your team according to the rankings by International Cricket Council(ICC) for the T20 world cup:

Dawid Malan

He was born in 1987, he is the player of the England team. He is a left-hand batsman. He debuted in 2017 against South Africa for the T20 match. He has suitably maintained his first position of being the best batsman in the world for some time now.

His current rating in T20I 841 makes him reach the top of the list for your fantasy team. Malan’s highest ranking was 915 in 2020.

Babar Azam The 27 years old is a player of the Pakistani team. He is in the second position to be included in a fantasy team as he is quite a fine player.

His skills of swinging his bat with right-hand batting style are commendable. He played his first T20 match in 2016 vs England and has a current rating of 819 points and his highest ranking is 896.

Aaron Finch

The right-hand Australian batsman played his first match of T20I in 2011 against England. He is the T20 and ODI captain of the Aussie team and is known for his calm and smashing hits against some off-spinners.

He is one of the best players to be included in a team as he has all the skills needed to be the finest among all. According to the current gameplay, his rating is 733 and 900 being his highest.

Virat Kohli

He is the captain of the Indian cricket team, he is one of the exceptional players and is known for his rage and competitiveness on the pitch. He played his first T20I in 2010 and topped the position of being the best batsman in 2015.

His current rating is 717 and his highest rating is 897. He is a famous player around the world and a must player to be included in your team to win in any game because of his do or die attitude.

Devon Conway

He was born in South Africa, he plays for the national team of New Zealand, a left-handed batsman who is known for his great batting skills on the pitch. He is a praiseworthy player for saving the wickets of his team. He played his first T20I match in 2020 against West Indies. His current rating is 700 and his highest is 784, making him the fifth batsman to be signed in while making one of the best cricket teams.


As the cricket season for cheering for your favourite team starts, people are all set to notice how the best batsman in the game performs so as to feature them in their fantasy team. In the article above, names have been suggested of some laudable batsmen in the world to be included in so that you can bring the T20 world cup trophy home this time.

The name of the players is according to the rankings of the ICC and they are said to be must-haves to beat the top teams with a swing of their bats. Some players in the list might be your favourite and you would have already had them in your list but we have also tried to clear the confusion and made it easy for you to choose from the bests.

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