Sofa Placement

Sofa Placement Tips For Your Home


Since the living room is one of the most happening rooms in the house, you should pay heed to each and every element. This includes everything right from choosing the colours to placing the furniture. The sofa set is one of the most important furniture pieces in the room. Hence, you must ensure that it is positioned properly. However, the placement of the sofa is the only thing that affects the decor. You have to ensure the placement of the other elements complements the placement of the sofa as well. If you are not sure how to place a sofa set properly in your living room, here are a few tips that will surely help you:

01 of 0 Decide the purpose of the sofa

As mentioned earlier, the sofa is one of the most important elements in the living room. Hence, you should not randomly place the sofa anywhere. Before deciding the place, you must first consider the purpose of the sofa. For instance, if you need the sofa mainly for watching TV, you should keep in mind the position of the TV before placing the sofa. This will help to ensure that you do not strain your neck while watching TV. Similarly, you must first understand why you need the sofa and then place the sofa accordingly.

02 of 0 Make sure that the seating area is comfortable

To create a comfortable seating area where you can receive your guests, you must place the sofa right in front of the chairs. Give the seating area a nice touch by adding a centre table to decor where you can serve snacks. Besides serving food, you can display great decor items on the coffee table that will help to enhance the appeal of the room. However, make sure that the decor items are complementing the rest of the living room design.

03 of 0 Divide the room using your sofa

If your sofa set is quite big and long, there are various ways you can seamlessly incorporate it into the living room design. For instance, experts say sofas are a great alternative to conventional room designers. By placing a large sofa properly, you can separate two zones like the living room from the dining room. This designing technique is extremely useful in small houses where you have to make use of space very efficiently. Also, you do not have to make extra expenses for adding an extra room divider for separating the zones.

04 of 0 Make it the centrepiece of the room

Making your sofa set for the living room the centrepiece is a great idea. Invest in a large and elaborate sofa and make it the focal point of your room. This is often better than trying to create a balance by focusing on all the elements. To make your sofa the focal point of the room, you must choose a bright and vibrant colour and get an extended sofa. Do not forget to add a rug to the setup.

05 of 0 Give breathing space to your sofa

In most cases, people push the sofa set for the living room against the wall in small living room designs. Although it is a great idea to push it against the wall, you can consider giving it some breathing space. If your living room size is not very small, you can keep the sofa more freely in the room. This will not only give the room an open and airy feel but also give it a very luxurious and posh look.

06 of 0 A symmetrical look

You can always consider adding some balance to the living room’s decor. Experts often suggest opting for a matching unit for creating a more appealing look instead of a single couch. This will help you to achieve a symmetrical look. To further add to its appeal, consider doing the same thing with the rest of the elements. For instance, you can choose matching lamps and other lighting fixtures. With so many symmetrical elements in the living room design, you can give it a very appealing look.

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