customer service features of Spectrum

The customer service features of Spectrum


The Spectrum TV network is a part of Charter Communications. The spectrum TV network has been responsible for providing Internet, cable TV, and phone services to its customers from the year 2014. When Charter Communications took over Bright House Network and Time Warner Cable, the Spectrum TV network was introduced into the market.

The spectrum TV network offers three different tiers of cable television for its clients. These three different tiers are

  • Spectrum TV select

This tier offers over 125 channels to its user along with free HD services.

  • Spectrum TV silver

This tier offers over 175 channels to its users, along with free HD and DVR availability.

  • Spectrum TV gold

This tier offers over 200 channels to its users, along with DVR availability and many other premium channels.

Spectrum does not restrict itself to only providing three different TV tier packages. There are also many other benefits to opting for Spectrum, like Spectrum TV Choice, Spectrum TV essentials, Spectrum primetime, etc.

Spectrum TV choice has a few amazing channels as part of their broadcasting network facility. Spectrum TV choice is basically for the local channels. In the case of Spectrum TV choice, customers are allowed to choose ten extra cable channels along with the chance that is already a part of their package. This feature of Spectrum TV choice has allowed the customers to create channel lineups for themselves depending on their preferences and needs. Customers are allowed to opt for premium channels without opting for a higher TV package tier. Customers only have to pay the additional amount for the specific channel that they are availing.

Suppose the customer decides to opt for Spectrum TV essentials. In that case, the customer will be allowed to avail 62 extra TV channels, which can be added to the Current TV package beard another feature of Spectrum TV network is the Spectrum TV stream. This allows the users to stay in touch with their favorite shows even when they are on the move. However, to avail of the services of Spectrum TV stream, customers must opt for the Internet services of Spectrum as well, since Spectrum TV stream utilizes the Internet service to bring the clients their favorite shows.

As has been previously mentioned already, Spectrum offers three different TV tier options to its customers. Along with these three TV cable tier packages available in Spectrum network, customers are also allowed to opt for bundle packages. In bundle packages, customers can avail the benefits of Internet, TV, and phone services every month. If you are a person who has a fixed household budget and needs the services of TV, phone as well as Internet, Spectrum should be your network of choice. The multiple tiers of packages available in the case of the cable network as well as on the Internet make Spectrum a very feasible option for every household.

In order to finalize your TV package, first select your TV plan. Once your TV plan has been selected and finalized, the bundling process becomes very simple. One final thing that you must focus on is to decide whether you wish to add the Internet and phone services and make it a bundle package or not. If you decide to go with the Internet package, you need to determine which Internet package you would like to avail depending on your needs and requirements. Finally, club in the Internet, TV and phone package together and you are ready.

One issue customers have reported regarding Spectrum is that sometimes the price increases in the second year of availing the services. Under such circumstances, customers can call Spectrum customer service and discuss the problem with the customer support executive. Customer support executives of Spectrum are aware of the latest promotional offers that are available with the company. They will guide the customer as to which promotional offer would be most suited to their budget and needs. The use of a new promotional offer can help the customer bring down their monthly budget of Internet and TV package.

If you facing any type of difficulty with the Internet connection or Spectrum TV connection, you can also discuss your problems with the customer service representative. You can call the toll-free number displayed on the Spectrum website, or you can opt for messaging or email options. The technical staff of Spectrum is very well versed with most problems that customers face and try their level best to help solve the problem as soon as possible. Thus, if you are living in the US right now or are a resident of the US and are looking for a TV network, you do not need to go beyond Spectrum. Whether you are a movie buff, history lover, news fanatic, etc., Spectrum has you covered.

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