Tech That Biology Majors May Explore

Revature Reviews Underline a Few Job Roles in Tech That Biology Majors May Explore


Jobs in the tech industry are expected to grow exponentially in the next few years. Hence, it would be a smart move for people to explore career opportunities in this field. It is commonly believed that to make a career in technology, one must have a degree in any IT related subject. But in reality so is not the case. In fact, Revature reviews point out that even biology majors can make their career in IT, provided that they gain the necessary training and knowledge. Biology majors can easily get enrolled into training programs offered by tech talent development companies like Revature and gear up for a lucrative career in the flourishing IT industry.

Revature reviews talk about tech careers that would be well-suited for biology majors

Most people immediately think of academia or medicine when it comes to making a career after getting a degree in biology. But it is entirely possible for biology majors to enjoy lucrative and exciting job roles in the tech field as well. There are many tech careers that would be well-suited for someone with an educational background in biology, such as:

  • Data Analyst: These professionals are responsible for the collection, management and analysis of data to assist businesses in making more informed and accurate decisions. Data analysts need to have good statistical and mathematical skills in order to be successful in their roles. They also must have the ability to solve complex problems and think critically. Biology majors would be well-suited for this role as they have experience in working with data and are trained in scientific thinking.
  • Product Manager: Such professionals play a critical role in developing the software products of a company and ensuring its success. Product managers often have to collaborate with the design, engineering, and marketing teams to bring innovative products in the market that helps meet the needs of the customers. A background in biology helps people to gain a good understanding of scientific principles and hones their analytical thinking skills, both of which are important qualities for a product manager. Moreover, much like a biology major, product managers often have to work on cross-functional teams.
  • UX Researcher: UX research involves gaining a proper understand of how users interact with products. This information is subsequently used to improve the user experience. UX researchers commonly use a range of methods like usability testing, interviews and surveys to collect data about user behavior. They also analyze that data for identifying trends and making recommendations about how to improve the user experience. Individuals with an educational background in biology can prove to be successful in this role as they usually have experience in carrying out research and analyzing data. A large number of biology majors also tend to be good communicators, which is an important skill for UX researchers, as they have to present their findings to important stakeholders.

According to Revature reviews, biology majors can explore the tech roles mentioned above and many more, after getting the required training. This training can easily be acquired through Revature, who specialize in recruiting, developing, and deploying enterprise-ready technology talent.

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