Living Room Arrangement Every Homeowner Should Avoid

Living Room Arrangement Every Homeowner Should Avoid


Many people think that when it comes to their living room layout and arrangement, they need an interior designer to do that for them. Little did they know that they are just doing things wrong which is why their living rooms don’t look like a scene from a magazine. But if you spend your time learning the do’s and don’ts of living room arrangement, your layout will be much better.

So before you disregard the furniture you got from your 1 stop bedrooms coupon, you should know the mistakes that you should avoid when arranging your living room furniture. Here are the most common ones:

Picking The Wrong Furniture Size

When buying furniture, experts always suggest making sure that it matches the size of the room. It should not be too big and it should not be too small either. Most homeowners do not care if their sofas are oversized or undersized. So before you buy a sectional sofa, look at your living room. Measure the space where the sofa would be placed to know which would be your perfect choice.

Being Too Orderly

Everyone wants an orderly home. However, there is something wrong with being “too” orderly. Avoid making your living room design look overly symmetrical where everything looks similar when it comes to shapes and the proportions. Do not be afraid to go crazy with your arrangement. To achieve a living room with a real character, mix-and-match. Combine styles and colors to make the room feel more welcoming.

Matching Furniture

Another mistake that many homeowners make is to have matching furniture, like their sofa and love seat. That layout will always look tired and cheap. Nothing is wrong with buying more affordable furniture, but to give it more character, mix and match things up. For example, you can get a good sofa like the Rawcliffe Parchment Large Sectional and top it off with different throw pillows and blankets.

Attaching Furniture To Walls

Some people think that in order to make their living room look bigger, they need to have their furniture, like their sofa up against the wall. According to interior designers, what it actually does is making the room look out of proportion. While your lamp or media center really needed to be close to the wall, but surely not all of them need to be. Center your other furniture to achieve the desired effect. Doing so will give your living room an illusion of a much larger space.

Adjusting Furniture To Your Television

If you have a television in the living room because you love to watch movies with your family, you instantly think that your sofa needs to be in front of the TV. But according to experts, it is alright to position the television off-centered especially if you do not want it to become the focus of your social media interactions. When arranging your living room, focus on connecting with your family members or guests. Take the attention off the television. Be creative as to where you place your television to maximize the living room space.

Your living room is one of the most important spaces in your home. For families who spend most of their time here, it is vital that you take into consideration not only the comfort but the overall look of your living room too.

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