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How to take care of your skin while traveling to Ladakh


When speaking of holidays one has to be a real planner to enjoy the trip to the core. Every destination that we travel to has s specific kind of climate depending on which one has to carry essentials to take care of the skin. This demand increases if one is planning a Leh Ladakh trip owing to the climatic conditions of the destination.

Some of the skincare tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing while on a trip to Ladakh are listed below:-

Gentle Facewash

Ladakh features a cold climate throughout. Summers are cool and winters are chilly. You must carry along a very gentle facewash for use such that your skin doesn’t happen to dry out too quickly. A milk-based gentle facewash would just do fine. Use a moderate amount of product, massage it gently on your face and wash it off for best results.

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A To carry and use a moisturizer twice daily is a must. In a cold climate, our skin tends to become too dry. It demands moisture now and then. While traveling to Ladah, make sure to carry a big tube of moisturizer and apply it on your skin in generous quantity. This would keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Lip Balm

Lips get dry and chapped in the winters all the time. If not taken good care of them they tend to become worse. And all your selfies would go wrong with a bad looking face. This problem has a perfect and tiny solution – lip balms. Tiny lip balms can be easily carried in handbags or even your denim pockets. They keep the lips moisturized and smooth. No flaky lips and no drying. Make sure to carry more than one lip balm in case you just happen to misplace or lose one.


While traveling to Ladakh you need to carry enough warm clothing as per the season. If

you’re traveling in summers the clothing would be different and in case you plan to travel in the winters the clothing would be different. More of warmer clothes would be required during the winter months. Instead of one set of warm clothes, it is suggested that you put on a layer for better insulation. Also, carry more than one set o gloves and socks as you might get them wet while playing in the snow.

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