Although hockey is the national game of India, people here are crazy about the other game which is cricket. Not only India people all over the world are enthusiastic about watching as well as playing this game. Not only men, but women are also interested in this game and are present in the stadium in heavy numbers. IPL which is the Indian premier league is a form of cricket that came into existence in 2007 and since then was loved by millions of people. To give you a brief introduction I would say it is a 20 over match played by eight different teams which represent eight different cities.

 For all the cricket lovers it is disheartening that they can only watch IPL and it’s not possible for all to take part in it or but the teams. For those, it is good news that the IPL fantasy league is a real thing and can be played using the app for IPL fantasy league. It is a virtual game that can be played using mobile phones or laptops. People who are participating in this game can make their own teams by choosing players like batsmen, bowlers, etc using a virtual currency that shows their creativity. And all of this takes place on various apps for IPL fantasy league participants can experience this virtual cricket.

Players from the real IPL teams can be chosen by participants and these players have their virtual currency rate. When it comes to buying players from other countries then there are some restrictions attached. Based on the performance of the players for instance, if a player has scored well and taken a wicket then a point can be earned. In this way, participants can earn money for real according to the points earned. The other good thing about this virtual cricket league is no amount of money is required to play this game.

 Many people have this misconception about this virtual cricket that it might be taking money for registering to IPL virtual game however it charges zero. After logging in the next job is to select the team with a user name and you are ready to have a team. The app equips you with the necessary instructions like player auctioning and virtual currency-related information. From the specified budget given, participants can buy players with it in exchange for defined virtual currency. Followed by certain restrictions this virtual league has its own rulebook which has to be followed. People have different opinions about the IPL fantasy cricket app where this cricket can be played virtually. On the one hand, where people like it, other people have negative thoughts about it. For them, it is a waste of time and it doesn’t seem as thrilling as real cricket.

Before discussing the benefits of IPL fantasy games and lets me introduce you to the rules that should be followed while participating in this game. Rules make the game more authentic and give the actual physical game vibes.

These rules are given below:

  1. Maximum of our players from other countries are allowed to play in this virtual cricket
  2. A maximum of three allrounders can be chosen
  3. A minimum of three and a maximum of five bowlers can be included
  4. Maximum of two wicket keepers
  5. Minimum of 3 and maximum of five batsmen are allowed with one uncapped Indian cricketer  

Moving on to the benefits of the IPL fantasy cricket league here are some of them:

1. Money and leisure

IPL fantasy cricket brings with itself the opportunity of playing as well earning. It allows participants to enjoy the game sitting at home and making money out of it side by side. People playing this game have the opportunity of including their favorite players in their teams from India and other countries as well. If you make the right guess about the players of your team who are actually playing on the field then you earn points and gifts if you are sticking with the game consistently.

2. Makes participants active and fulfil their desires

IPL fantasy cricket is a kind of mind game. It makes people think wisely about their decisions s that they can have benefited from it. In an ongoing match, the participants need to focus on the opportunities and then invest their money at the right time. It improves decisions making capabilities of an individual and increases brain strength. This would you to deal with real-life circumstances in a better way.

3. Platform to enjoy and show your capabilities

This virtual cricket does not make you feel tired but it feels like you are on the field. No dull moment comes when you are playing the IPL fantasy league. Every ball is exciting and makes you wonder what is going to happen next and what would that brings to you. This game is totally according to the law and the participants are safe. You can involve your friends and family members as well to make the game more exciting and flaunts to them your capabilities.

4. Authentic cricket 

This IPL fantasy game though not to be confused with betting.it follows the law and order given by the authorities. In our country, people are loving it and participate in efforts and using their brains in it. It is getting popular here year after year.

5. Socializing opportunity

All types of people play this game whether introverts or extroverts. For extroverts, it is a chance to socialize more with the participants. For introverts, it is a chance to be comfortable in front of other people and make new friends. And these people you connected with can actually become your real friends. This is how a virtual game can bring out real friends in your life.

IPL fantasy league is a brilliant combination of entertainment and earning.it is an extremely interesting game and liked by all the cricket lovers out there. It can give excitement to your dull life. It also becomes an escape from the hectic schedule and offers the chance to release stress. Moreover, there is no harm in playing it and it is a verified game.

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