Pearls Used in Antique Jewelries

Important Things One Should know about Pearls Used in Antique Jewelries


Pearl jewelry is being used since ancient times and they are popular even today. People love to wear vintage jewelries these days. Pearls give every woman a feminine look that they deserve. It is the symbol of romance and purity.

There is nothing better than pearls that you can gift to your special lady love. Be it your daughter, wife or fiancé every relationship becomes stronger with pearls. It might be possible that your grandmother might have preserved some of the statement jewelries for you. These vintage jewelries are best option to go in every special occasion of your life.

Pearls are of different types but mainly they are seawater and freshwater pearls. Freshwater pearls are very rare to find and they are known to be the purest pearls. The seawater pearls are also pure pearls. Every woman in this world has a special corner for pearl jewelry. You can get these jewelries online from a professional seller who has the best designs and has a good name and fame in selling pearl jewelries.

Types of Pearls Being Used in Antique Jewelries 

  • Baroque pearls mean imperfection. These pearls were popular during the baroque period and were known especially for their imperfection. Baroque pearls have their own glam since renaissance and even after that. Baroque pearls can be found in both freshwater and seawater shells.
  • Blister pearls are the pearls that resemble the vintage look. The blister is created when the mud particle combined with the shell. These pearls can also be found in both seawater and freshwater shells. After these blisters are being formed inside the shells, these pearls are taken out from the shell along with the blister that is combined with the shell. This gives them a natural look with the most beautiful colors.
  • Cultured pearls are different pearls as in these pearls the beads are being inserted inside a shell or an oyster. These cultured pearls are not the natural form of pearls and it takes several years to cultivate while the natural pearls take decades.

These are some of the facts about pearls.

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