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Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania Marks the Basic Kitchen Tools Needed to Prepare Eggs


Eggs are likely to be the very first food one learns to cook. While cooking eggs is definitely not too hard, it does take time and practice to make perfect eggs. In addition to fresh eggs from farms like Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania, one would also need the right tools to make eggs. The old non-stick from college wouldn’t be ideal while trying to make creamy, soft-scrambled eggs.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania underlines certain kitchen tools that are needed to cook eggs

To cook eggs, one needs certain basic but immensely important equipment and tools. No matter whether one wants to poach eggs at home or desires crispy fried eggs for breakfast, cooking eggs in a variety of ways will be simple if one has the following tools at home:

  • Fish Spatula: Often referred to as the “the unicorn of kitchen utensils,” a fish spatula has a dynamic range of uses. They can be used for flipping hefty American-style omelets, as well as work in a pinch as a slotted spoon to aid a cook in making crispy fried eggs.
  • Cast Iron Griddle: Getting a cast iron griddle would be a great idea for any person who loves to enjoy hearty breakfasts. It allows the cooks to maximize their stove top burners or even a campfire and prepare eggs, sausages, bacon and more, all at once. The cast-iron girdle retains heat well and evenly, while its non-stick surface is ideal for frying eggs in a batch.
  • Saucepan: All kitchens definitely must have a saucepan. If one does not own a saucepan, then they should buy it as soon as possible to make boiled eggs just the way they like. Right from soft boiled eggs with a custardy yolk to firm hard-boiled eggs, all of it can be made in a saucepan pretty easily.
  • Slotted Spoon: Having this spoon is important in the egg-boiling process. One has to lower their eggs into the boiling water and then slowly scoop them out for their ice bath with a slotted spoon, so that the eggs can cool down. Slotted spoons might also help poach eggs. They can be used for gently stirring a pot of simmering water, and then carefully sliding in the egg.
  • Egg Timer: While advanced egg timers are available today, at times, it is better to take the heavy duty technology out of cooking. After all, too many beeps and buttons can become annoying after a while. Hence, it is better to use an old-school egg timer. This timer has to be placed in a pot of eggs and water. It basically adjusts to the number of eggs and level of water. One simply has to watch the color of the timer as it changes by temperature.
  • Mesh Strainer: To poach eggs like a pro, one has to let go of the wispy white strands. The best way to do so would be to use a mesh strainer to wipe away the stray whites and get a perfect poached egg to top a fancy toast or grain bowl.

Buying fresh eggs from farms like Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania, and equipping their kitchen with the tools mentioned above would prepare a person to make almost any type of egg dish they want right at home.

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