Water Heater Service Appointment

Common Signs That You’re In Need Of A Hot Water Heater Service Appointment!


There are many reasons why people need to be on the lookout for hot water heater service warning signs, and this is largely because your home’s water heater is by far one of your most valuable plumbing appliances.

No one wants to have to replace their water heater just because they didn’t take care of it properly, so it’s absolutely critical that every homeowner does their due diligence when it comes to recognizing and reacting to common warning signs associated with hot water heater malfunctions.

So here are some of the common red flags you need to be keeping an eye out for at your house!

Water Temperature Fluctuations 

One of the first warning signs that many people recognize when it comes to water heater repairs is water temperature fluctuations, because after all, this is the main purpose of your water heater in the first place!

Water temperature fluctuations are often caused by sediment buildup within a water heater’s tank, and this is because the sediment will likely build up around the unit’s heating elements.

Be sure to reach out to a licensed professional when you notice this warning sign!

Hot Water Pressure Reductions 

Another common result of mineral deposits is lower water pressure coming from your water heater unit. Sediment and minerals will often clog up the pipes that originate from your unit, and this then leads to water pressure reductions throughout your entire home.

It’s also possible that your lower water pressure is the result of simply having a very old water heater system, so be sure to speak with professionals when you notice these issues!

Hot Water Leaks 

This of course is a pretty obvious warning sign that your hot water heater needs to get checked out and potentially even replaced. However, it’s important to remember that water heater leaks can originate in a whole variety of different ways, so there’s no telling what your technician may recommend as a solution.

Avoiding leaks is always a homeowner’s best strategy, and the best way to avoid water heater leaks is to have your unit inspected on a bi-annual basis.

Unpleasant Smells & Cloudy Water 

Another very serious warning sign associated with hot water heater services is when your home’s water supply actually looks and smells abnormal. Water texture can be influenced by the amount of mineral deposits found within your water heater, and no one wants to have to deal with strange cloudiness and smells from their drinking and cleaning water!

So always be sure to reach out to your local water heater technicians when you notice this rather alarming warning sign.

Water Heater Is Making Strange Noises 

Another very common issues associated with hot water heater repairs is when your unit itself is making all sorts of abnormal, strange sounds. This is a serious warning sign because it could mean that your unit is on the verge of completely failing or needing very serious repairs done.

So you should never take these types of strange noises lightly, and you should always reach out to your local team when you think your water heater is acting up. It could simply be that you’re experiencing excessive sediment buildup within your water heater, but there’s often no telling what the sounds are coming from until the unit has been properly flushed and examined.

Your Water Looks Rusty 

Rusty water is another very serious issue that homeowners need to take very seriously, because drinking this type of water can lead to sickness and other health issues.

The odds are that your home’s water supply has started to rust because your water heater unit is also rusting, but there’s no telling what exactly your rusty water has originated from until you get it professionally looked at.

Contact Your Local Experts When You Need A Hot Water Heater Service Appointment! 

It’s always a bad idea to consider water heater work as just another DIY project to do around your house, because one little mistake can lead to you needing a new unit.

Be sure to contact your local water heater experts when you’re in need of their help, and you can learn more about water heater services by going through the link to the Beehive Plumbing website at the top of this page!

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