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Wholesale Management System- Fast, Simple, and Effective


The business sells hundreds or thousands of products wholesale with a single transaction. Sometimes, the orders come via thousands of customers and channels. The wholesale company often deals with a complicated supply chain and manages different multichannel sales platforms. So, integrating the right wholesale order management system becomes a crucial part of your organization to stay at the top of the orders and inventory.

Imagine you are generating new B2B sales leads after a successful wholesale distributor marketing campaign but need a platform to handle the sizable purchases these new clients place. As your wholesale firm expands, systems for managing wholesale orders might assist you in streamlining the online ordering process. This blog will go through some points to help you grow your wholesale distributorship business. We will also discuss wholesale order management and various software solutions that make it easier to place online orders, such as wholesale inventory management software.

What is a Wholesale Order Management System?

Order fulfillment procedures between companies selling to consumers and companies selling to other companies (B2B) are referred to as wholesale order management (B2C). Taking orders, updating inventory, and shipping products are all part of these commercial processes.

A b2b order management platform for managing wholesale orders controls orders, customer information, fulfillment, invoice processing, inventory visibility, and customer experience management. You may also merge orders from multichannel order management platforms, track and handle large orders, and do other things.

Even better, you may coordinate your wholesale orders with the stock levels in your distribution warehouse. You may successfully manage your wholesale business by utilizing the capabilities of your wholesale distribution management software with the aid of a wholesale online ordering platform. A wholesale order management system is the most effective strategy for staying productive and organized. It helps you reduce gaps where orders could be lost and makes it simpler for you to manage orders more effectively. You’ll notice increased customer retention, team collaboration, and order fulfillment accuracy with an online wholesale ordering system.

How Does Wholesale Order Management Work?

Wholesalers operate on a big scale and sell goods in bulk to other businesses or directly to clients, in contrast to retailers and direct-to-consumer (D2C) enterprises that sell in small quantities. Manually entering clients and ordering data into spreadsheets might result in mistakes and be time-consuming. A wholesale order management system will automate the process of managing orders and inventory. Additionally, it will make it simple for wholesale customers to place orders on your website, online store, or mobile buying system. So, below we will read how exactly the wholesale order management system works:-

  • An ideal system manages your organization’s workflow from the beginning to the end.
  • It unifies all sales channels and makes an omnichannel user experience for the customers to continue online buying activities via any channel.
  • Quick Books B2B e-commerce system automatically eliminates products from the website, application, or system when scanning SKU.

Benefits Of Online Wholesale Ordering Platform

The advantages of an online ordering system for wholesalers and distributors are enormous. The following are some advantages of using an online platform for wholesale ordering:

Improve user experience

Most B2B clients want their large orders to be processed as soon as feasible. However, it could be challenging to eradicate backorders, bulk shipping problems, and other supply chain difficulties for wholesalers with many sales channels that take thousands of orders. The ordering process is streamlined beginning with the moment the wholesale customer puts the purchase by using a wholesale order management system. An online ordering system records the order and communicates with your inventory management system to confirm that the product is still available. The platform then automates the remainder of the procurement process. Your online ordering service’s platform can track wholesale orders and streamline delivery routes when integrated with a delivery management system.

Efficient Ordering Process

Customers can easily place purchases from any place at any time using a wholesale ordering system. Additionally, it makes processing orders for your team easier. An online ordering system provides wholesalers with more practical business methods, from a user-friendly mobile app or web-based ordering system to intuitive buy recommendations based on past activity. Moreover, the platform is quiet dependable. Online ordering could help your business establish a reputation for reliability and efficiency by lowering the number of errors. Reduced manual order verification is another benefit of low error rates, which lets you cut lead times.

Reduced Costs

A wholesale order management system reduces costs by minimizing incorrect shipments, lost orders, and delayed deliveries. The online ordering system generates an invoice or sales order document as soon as a customer puts in an order. The wholesale ordering system directs the order to the appropriate warehouse with the required inventory quantity when it is ready to be processed. After that, the goods are prepared for shipping. All of these procedures do away with manual work, which reduces output and raises the possibility of human error.

Streamline Supply Chain Management

By consolidating your orders and inventory data, you will be better positioned to manage your inventory. A wholesale ordering system simplifies the supply chain and improves the efficiency of your company’s operations. This applies to your warehouse locations, storefronts, third-party logistics (3PL) facilities and marketplace fulfillment facilities. Orders may be easily tracked, and their progress reported from initial receipt through selection, packaging, and delivery.


You can establish a financial and physical connection between manufacturers and retailers as wholesalers. Being in the middle requires you to make large purchases and set your prices precisely, putting your finances in great danger. If you price your goods a little more, your retail partners might start shopping at your rivals’ stores. You will only make money if you sell your stuff for pennies on the dollar. While striking a balance between prices might keep your company surviving, expanding your company will demand more work, particularly in B2B order management.

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