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Chemistry Exam Preparation Tips


Chemistry is a subject that explains what the world around us is made of. From atoms and molecules to acids and bases, chemistry is an interesting subject that reveals a lot of answers to everyday questions.

From an academic perspective, a focus of chemistry can unlock a whole range of opportunities from a high paying job to a career in research. Therefore, following these tips and tricks is a surefire way to secure more marks in chemistry.

Back to the Basics

The very basics of chemistry, such as the periodic table, help students to get a better understanding and enable easy comprehension of more advanced topics. Besides helping the students to have a clearer insight and a deeper understanding, it also helps to solidify their learning experience.

Taking Notes

Taking down notes is a very important aspect of learning as it engages the hands, eyes, ears and the mind. This means that the student is far more alert and engaged than a traditional lecture. Moreover, these notes constitute another point of reference for the students during exam preparation.

Information Chunking

As the name suggests, this process essentially involves “chunking” or breaking information into smaller bits. These enable easy digestion and comprehension of information, thereby reducing the mental strain on the students. It also reduces the cognitive load, helping the students to study for an even longer duration.

Review and Revise

A student’s learning process is deemed complete when they review and revise their concepts or topics. This is quite an important step as the students will cement their learning, making it easier for them to recall information during an examination. Furthermore, the chances of distorting information while recalling the same (in an examination) are drastically reduced.

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