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5 Easy Hacks That Will Help You Reduce Your Kitchen Design Cost


The kitchen is certainly one of the busiest and most important rooms in the house. You will have to spend a few hours inside your kitchen every day to prepare and cook your meals. Hence, it is very important that you design it properly. There are various options available in the market that you can choose from when designing your kitchen. However, all of them might not be a suitable option for you if you want a low-cost modular kitchen. While some of them are quite cheap, others are expensive. You will have to very carefully choose each and every element if you want a budget-friendly kitchen. In case you are not sure about how to create a great low-cost modular kitchen, here are a few hacks that will help you:

01 of 05 Choose laminates for your kitchen

If you are looking for low-cost modular kitchens, laminates are certainly one of the best options. You can bring down the overall modular kitchen price significantly using them. Many experts also prefer using laminates to create affordable kitchen designs without compromising on aesthetic beauty. Besides being very cheap compared to other alternatives, laminates are available in many different options. With so many colour, pattern and design options, you can easily create the perfect kitchen design interior for yourself. People with small kitchen designs can choose glossy laminates as they have a reflective surface and will make the interiors appear brighter and bigger. However, glossy laminates can get dirty very easily and require frequent cleaning. If you do not have a lot of free time, you should opt for a matte laminate finish.

02 of 05 Opt for a galley kitchen

The layout of the kitchen will have a huge impact on the functionality of your kitchen. You should very carefully plan the kitchen layout to ensure that the kitchen caters to all your needs. Also, the kitchen layout will have a huge influence on your budget. If you are looking for budget-friendly kitchen layouts, a galley kitchen will be one of the best bets. This kitchen design interior helps to ensure that you can perform all the culinary tasks in your kitchen conveniently without having to spend a lot of money. Besides being cost-effective, the galley kitchen or parallel kitchen has several other benefits. Since you get two long platforms, you get a lot of storage and countertops space. Also, forming the work triangle is also very easy.

03 of 05 Choose MDF for your overhead cabinets

The materials you use in your kitchen have a huge impact on the overall modular kitchen price. If you want to bring down the kitchen cost, you should very carefully choose the materials. A very popular technique used by experts to bring down the kitchen cost is choosing MDF or medium-density fibreboard for your overhead cabinets. They are very popular in Indian kitchens and cost less than their alternatives. However, you should keep in mind that MDF is not moisture resistant and can get damaged if you use it near the sink area. This is why it is used for overhead cabinets where water cannot reach.

04 of 05 Choose granite for your countertops

You need countertop space so that you can perform various culinary tasks conveniently. Be careful when choosing the countertop material as it can increase your kitchen budget significantly. Many experts suggest choosing granite for the countertops. This is because granite is a cost-effective and sturdy material that will not damage easily. Other materials can damage easily if you perform tasks like cutting or chopping on the countertops. Hence, you do not have to worry about repairing or replacing it after a few years. This will help to reduce the expenses over time. Also, this material does not require a lot of maintenance. You can create a very appealing kitchen design using this material.

05 of 05 Create open shelves in your kitchen

If you want to opt for a budget-friendly kitchen, you should opt for open shelves. This is because you have to create a lot of storage space in your kitchen. If you only choose cabinets with closed doors, you will require more time, effort, and materials to make them. However, creating open shelves is more convenient and consumes less time. Hence, opting for open shelves helps to bring down the total cost of your kitchen design. Further, the maintenance cost of open shelves is lower than the maintenance cost of cabinets. Also, open shelves help to make the interiors appear larger as they occupy very little space. You can display your glassware or crockery collection on the open shelves to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen interiors. However, do not create only open shelves in your kitchen to reduce your expenses. You should always choose a combination of cabinets and open shelves for creating proper storage in your kitchen

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