Restaurant Started With A Tiny Kitchen And My Food

Restaurant Started With A Tiny Kitchen And My Food Processor


I started a small takeout restaurant that was pretty much out of a food truck with the tiniest kitchen and my Cuisinart Food Processor. I was a one person show, so it worked for me. I only did it on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, because I had a regular weekday job. I was set up at a park near the river, where there were some picnic tables. It was the perfect setting for what I was running.

I had a few regular staples on the menu, and then I ran specials for the rest. I’d get a certain amount of the specials and advertise them across all of my social media. I’d get a decent amount of customers, between that and just people walking nearby or visiting the park.

I mainly survived small things like appetizers, a few sandwiches, and potato pancakes with various toppings. They were fairly easy to make up ahead of time, or that could be thrown together easily in case I got super busy.

I announce when we’ve run out of specials for the day, which happens most of the time, especially in the warmer months. Some days I’d even run out of food all together if there was some kind of event going on by the river.

As my business turned into a year round venture, I realized that I would need some backup supplies. I visited the KitchenWorksInc site, where I can get actual Cuisinart-dfp-14 parts. I got 2 of everything that I ordered: replacement blades of all kinds, the dough blades, food pushers, and workbowls. This would make for easy turnaround time when I needed to jump from one task to the next and I didn’t have time to clean everything in between.

I was able to make more food at a faster pace with minimal downtime. As I got better and more experienced, everything just picked up speed. I was doing more business, staying open a little later and bringing in even more of a profit. I’ve been able to make this a full time gig now, and I don’t have to work my regular 9-5. I enjoy it so much more.

I was able to purchase a larger food truck and hire another person. I am able to take catering orders for big events now as well, with advance notice of course. I am also able to afford to close down for a month, from mid-December to mid-January, and I can still pay my other employee.

I have so much freedom and flexibility now in my work, and it’s such an amazing feeling. I have definitely grown out of my first little food truck, but my Cuisinart food processor is still along for the ride.

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