Well Made Product For Fly Fisherman

Well Made Product For Fly Fisherman


I’ve been on the ultimate search for a good way to transport my fly fishing poles. It’s a tough decision because it is quite an investment. They are not cheap, but then again you don’t want them to be if you want the best quality. The fly fishing rods are not cheap either, so it makes sense to protect them accordingly.

I conferred with friends who were fellow fly fishermen before I got started. Then I went on to do some serious online research. I was dead set on making the right choice the first time based on my findings.

I got myself down to 2 choices for my purchase. One was a brand that I knew well, so naturally I wanted to gravitate in that direction, which I know is usually not a good idea. The other was one I hadn’t heard of, but I could see they had a solid reputation. I didn’t want to just go and buy something based on the brand name. That doesn’t always work as well as people might think.

After reading many reviews, I decided on the one I didn’t know. It was a Riversmith River Quiver Rod Carrier that I found on the Trouts Fly Fishing website. I was fairly confident that I made the right decision. We would find out soon enough.

A few days later, my carrier arrived and I got right to work getting it together. The installation was as easy as pie. I loaded my pre-rigged fly fishing rods into it, and took it for a nice long ride.

I can say with no doubt, that this is one well made product. I had no complaints whatsoever when I took it on that ride. I drove it on rocky ground and smooth ground, and it held up the same.

What’s even better is that it locks so if you have to leave your vehicle while the rods are loaded on the top, there’s no worry about someone trying to steal them. So not only do you get a great storage solution, it offers security as well. Who could ask for more?

I think that every fly fisherman or woman needs to have one of these. It comes in 2 sizes: one that holds 2 rods and one that holds 4 rods. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re just starting out or you’re well seasoned with fly fishing.

I recommend this product to everyone that I come across when I’m fly fishing, even if they don’t ask about it. I just think it would make anyone’s life easier in terms of transporting their rods. I know I could not be any happier with the decision that I made, that’s for sure.

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