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5 benefits of Cogoport’s port information guide


The development of a country’s trade sector highly depends upon the functioning of its major as well as minor seaports. The more the cargo traffic of the country’s ports, the higher are the chances of economic development. Every port covers the shipments of certain shipping lines and deals with maritime transportation. There are 91 countries in the world that have their major seaports that enable seaborne trade. The governments and private organisations spend a good fortune in the development and modernisation of these port facilities.

The facilities and services offered by a port are known by only a few traders out of millions in the world. Since the logistics companies have taken over the responsibility of safe cargo shipments, traders tend to neglect the power of knowledge quite often. The reason behind this negligence is also the lack of resources that could carry the data of every seaport in the world.

Cogoport, one of the popularly known names in the logistics market, understands this dilemma of the traders. So it serves a glossary of port information of almost every important port in the world. Available in a capsule form on one dashboard, one can go through all the details within a matter of a few days. The guide is present on the company’s website where the details are categorized briefly. A list of countries is available in alphabetic order arrangement and the names of major ports are mentioned under each one of them. To see how it works, click here for more information.

What Are The Key Benefits of Port Information Guide?

There are several benefits of availing a handy port information guide for the traders. A businessman not only earns personal advantages but can also become capable of evaluating the performances of world seaports.

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A Capsule of Information!

Nothing is as good as getting all the required information without hassling over different websites trying to gather pieces of it. The user-friendly interface of Cogoport’s website offers a capsule of port information that includes almost every detail one could ask for. The alphabetic order of the list is also a peace offering to the customers. The traders do not even have to remember the names of the seaports as it is already sub-categorised under the name of its country.

Saves One’s Precious Time

The port information guide is easy to read and understand as the data is given in bullets rather than long detailed paragraphs. Also, the address of a port, its phone number with STD/ ISD code, official email ID and website are clearly highlighted under the name. So, if a trader is looking for the contact details of any port, he can save a lot of time by taking the help of the guide service.

Free of Cost

It is a popular saying that nothing in this world comes free of cost. Well, Cogoport seems to believe otherwise as the port information guide of the company is available to all on its official website. There is no need to provide log-in details or card numbers to avail the facility which is the best thing about it.

Easily Accessible

All one needs to do is just a few clicks on the screen to access the port information guide. Neither one needs to download any PDFs nor go through pages of data. It is quick and simple to access the website.

Smartly Categorised

The categorisation format of the guide is by far the best in this genre. A trader can access the guide and click on the country name that he is shipping to, and all the information will be displayed on the screen.

Although the significance of the world seaports is bowed by almost every trader, there are not many who have proper and detailed port information. Thus, it becomes important to read this guide to improve factual knowledge about the same.

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