11 Best Las Vegas Attractions For Kids


Want to refresh yourself on the hot Nevada summer days? The Wet’n’Wild Water Park is the place for you! It is located in Spring Valley and is part of a large chain of parks. Wet’n’Wild offers access to 26 Las Vegas Attractions For Kids all with a splash. In this park, the prices are reduced for people over 60 years. Las Vegas knows no less than 300 sunny days a year. This is the ideal park to catch a breeze.

Best Las Vegas Attractions For Kids

  1. Canyon Cliffs: These are two large, high-speed slides that get you into the pool. Guaranteed thrills through the entire rid both speeding down and landing are equally fun!
  2. Colorado Cooler: navigate a lazy river full on a course of about 300 meters. Perfect for relaxing in the calm languorous water.
  3. Constrictor: board with your whole family on a raft to tumble down spiral speed slides!
  4. Desert Racers: here is a sled that will delight your children with its 110 meters in length. It covers 6 different routes each is more thrilling than the other.
  5. Hoover Half Pipe: take a ride on this slide that takes the shape of a skate playground! On a buoy, you go down a sleigh that leads to a platform that yet takes you to another sleigh.
  6. Rattler: gently, this slide welcomes you to a fun and pleasure downhill. Children will be happy to play with you on this slide.
  7. Royal Flush Extreme: ready to experience unprecedented excitement? You are thrown into a toilet bowl! Your body feels the radiating force and eventually falls into the drainpipe!
  8. Splash Island: it’s a perfect place to paddle, have fun riding along the water channels on a bucket. This island also has a multitude of toboggans for the little ones.
  9. The Wave Pool: This pool produces waves up to 0.91 m in height! Have fun defying the waves and swimming using the dynamism of these streams. The little folks must always be accompanied by an adult in this pool.
  10. Zipp, Zapp Zoom: Have fun in this interlocking of closed or semi-open tube slides.
  11. Tornado: will you hold the effect of your mind being blown away in this slide that plunges you in the middle of a storm? You will also be defied with weightlessness for unusual excitement!

Have you ever thought to bring the whole family to Las Vegas, Nevada? This place may not stand out as a glaring destination for family vacationists; yet, you might be shocked by the list of kid-dedicated activities listed on the Las Vegas Travel Blog where you can learn how to enrich your next trip there.

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