web designing course and its scope in India

What is a web designing course and its scope in India?


Web designing is no new name to the IT industry, but with the world constantly undergoing technological advancements, we’ve been seeing and experiencing much more of it than ever before. But what actually is it? And is it worth learning? 

What Is Web Designing? 

Though often used interchangeably with the term “Web Development”, Web Design and Web Development are two separate processes that take place to achieve the same goal: creating a flawless, appeasing website. 

While Web Development deals with the part of the process involving coding and other technicalities, Web Designing is the process that creates the overall outlook, user interface and aesthetic of the website. 

A web designer is essentially an advanced graphic designer who specializes in the design of websites. 

The first thing that grabs our attention when we visit any website is the colors on display and user interface. Believe it or not, many users frown and then proceed to turn away if a website doesn’t look professional or eye-catching. Grabbing your customer’s attention and serving them a beautiful outlook is the first and most important step in creating websites that attract loyal traffic. 

Web Designers specialize in doing just this.

They use their sense of aesthetics to customize the website and improve its usability. 

So What Does A Web Designing Course Entail? 

A web designing course takes you through all the fundamentals of design. You learn about the principles of design and coloring, color theory, typography and type scales. 

It also explains the structure and layout of web pages, introduces and teaches you how to use sophisticated web design software like Adobe XD and Photoshop. 

To support all of this knowledge, you’re also taught basic coding and development techniques.

Even if the coding part of the project is a Web Developer’s job, it is vital that a Web Designer possess enough knowledge of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This is not only because the fact that coding is now considered a basic required skill in the digital industry, but also because Web Designing requires that you know howto operate and maintain minimum functions like creating footers and headlines. 

In short, a web designer works with markup languages like HTML and CSS, and also uses images, responsive web design and other interactive elements to create a web page. All of this (and more in-depth topics) are covered in a standard web designing course these days. 

Is There Scope In Web Designing? 

Unsurprisingly, yes. 

A significant amount of big shot businesses operate on a digital basis. Even small scale firms and companies have their own digital presence. And both the big and small brands are constantly seeking new ways to improve their digital presence and their websites. Since web designing also involves the maintenance of websites, you almost never run out of opportunities. 

With web designing, you also earn yourself the liberty to choose between working for a company or going freelance. 

Of course, with freelancing, you can’t expect to be paid huge chunks of cash before you establish your own strong business name, but once the market starts recognizing you, you can earn up to $150,000 USD (roughly one crore rupees) per year. 

Working for IT firms isn’t bad either. An average web designer gets paid anywhere between 15K INR to 45K INR in India. Overseas, the salary is competitively higher. 

This also, however, depends on the job title you’re given. As a web designer, you can apply for any of the following profiles:

• Web Marketing Analyst 

• Senior Web Analyst 

• Design And Layout Analyst 

• Web Application Developer 

• Front-end Web Developer 

• Back-end Web Developer

Overall, it’s safe to say that web designing scope is pretty high till date. For anyone with the skills, Web Designing is a very relaxing career choice. 

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