How to choose the right lubricant

How to choose the right lubricant?


There is something in life like having sex, where the wetter it is, the better it is. With stage, gender or daily stress in life, the vagina often is unable to lubricate itself the way it used to earlier. A dry vagina not only means a drier version of sex but may often lead to pain. This is where a lubricant commonly referred to as the lube comes handy.

There are various kinds of lubricants available, but the challenge here is to choose the right lubricant for you. This is your guide on how to choose the right lubricant.

What are the types of lubricant available?

Lubricants are easily available in the market. When you are on the lookout for the perfect lube for your vagina, ensure that you choose one with the correct base.

Usually, the lubricants that are available in the market are:

  • Silicone-based
  • Water-based
  • Oil-based
  • A combination of a few or all of the above

Some more information on the lubricants available 

When you are on the lookout for the perfect lube, it is important that you know various kinds of lubes available in the market in details.

Water Based Lube

This is considered as one of the most versatile and widely used lubes across the globe. If you and your partner are the experimental kinds, then the water based lube will help you enjoy a wide variety of things such as silicone toys. Also, the water based kind is compatible with all kinds of condoms and is known to decrease their chances of slippage.

Silicone based lube:

If you and your partner are looking for something to heighten your experience and appeal to your senses, then opt for the silicone based ones. The silicone base feels smooth and silky while having sex. These lubes are also known to last longer as compared to their water-based counterparts. They are also known to be condom friendly.

Oil Based Lube:

If you and your partner are the ones who are always on the go and love repeats, then this is your best friend. Being oil based, the vagina feels moist for a long time and ensures that you are in the game for a long time. However, not all oil based lubes are known to be condom friendly. In fact, a few can even cause rash or infection in the vagina. So, ensure that you do a patch test before applying it. If you still want to use the oil base then pop in ancontraceptive pill as a backup incase the condom slips or breaks.

How to apply lubricants? 

Now that we know all about various kinds of lubes, we come to the important part – how to apply them. It is important to apply a good lump on your partner’s penis when you start to foreplay. Post that during sex if you feel your vagina dry, you can add some more to increase your pleasure.

Lubricants are a great way to have stickier, wetter and messier sex. However, it will certainly be a pleasurable one.

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