Certified Ethical Hacker

Why Should You Become a Certified Ethical Hacker?


In order to save your business or company from online hackers, the importance of becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is getting a lot of momentum around the world. You have no idea how being a certified ethical hacker you can earn a great income and do really well in your future.

Actually, in the world of digitalization, where the web has brought people across the world closer, it has also triggered many issues in terms of online crime and even theft. Multiple options and tools are emerging that disrupt the privacy of the person. In case you have noticed, Security has turned out to be a trending topic among IT professionals. Even major companies do face a lot of financial issues and breaches because of security problems. The perfect way to deal with such a thing is to understand how it actually works and really works accordingly to that mind map itself. This kind of hacking is known as ethical hacking. Remember, it is fully legal and currently has got a massive scope in the city!

The word Hacking

When talking about hacking, surely you may think of a man who is simply occupied with codes on big machines in a shady dark room and surrounded by bulky racks having blinking lights. It is one perspective that is given by movies and television series, hackers do have that corrupt image and reputation but you should know that there are some noble hackers too.

Yes, these fellows are known as White Hat Hackers who are engaged in ethical hacking. Considering the growth in the number of cyber-attacks, the need for ethical hackers has grown up as companies are hiring them to guard their data from the black hat hackers who are simply engaged in illegal activities. But, being an ethical hacker is not at all an easy task and demands a lot of studying about tools, even techniques and penetration testing.

In case you are still contemplating if an ethical hacking career is going to be good for you or simply is a cup of tea for you, then this post is going to acquaint you with some convincing reasons to learn ethical hacking that might help you build a prosperous career around it.

You get to understand the mindset of a hacker

The clearest benefit of learning ethical hacking is its overall potential to improve and inform on how a corporate network is simply defended. For any sort of organization, when it comes to Cyber Security, the main threat is a black hat hacker. And learning how they simply work or operate; it can help defenders identify and even prioritize possible threats. Practically, it is not really possible to eradicate all the attacks from a network. But with ethical hacking skills, Cyber Security professionals are going to be able to minimize the influence of the possible threat and assign restricted resources that reduce the possibilityof a successful attack. Training in ethical hacking can definitely aid network defenders to develop this sort of mindset.

Know Hidden Techniques & even Explore Smart Ways 

By ethical hacking into the overall system, you can easily learn about ample security options, that otherwise might have ended up in security breaches. With the right type of approach, you can easily know about the finest possible security practices to be followed and even new concepts such as:

  • ART of Hacking
  • Hacking Mobile Phones
  • Windows &Linux
  • Testing the Security of Web Application

Learning all these different types of concepts would not just be used in your professional career but even once you decide to alter your platform. Of course, it is something that is going to make you of immense value for companies and businesses alike. For your personal thing too, you can find it effective.

Aids with Development and Quality Assurance

Once a new product gets developed, stakeholders often abandon its security testing because of a time crunch. This is something that at times leaves the software vulnerable to theft and even hacking. But in case there is an ethical hacker on board, the overall security testing can get performed swiftly, efficiently, and even comprehensively with the best industry practices. Beyond this, learning the art of ethical hacking can definitely help with studying tools, created by hackers and even quality assurance testers to accelerate the remediation of common susceptibilities. Moreover, by knowing about such types of tools, developers can easily and definitely acquire knowledge about coding mistakes that must definitely be avoided.

You can work literally anywhere!

As an ethical hacker, you would enjoy the liberty to work for whichever industry you really want. You can work for one of the Fortune five hundred or even of starting a small business venture on your own. Moreover, for the ones who aspire to travel the world, ethical hacking could actually be the right start. The reason is that on an international scale, Cyber-attacks are on an all-time trip and are outstripping the supply of ethical hackers. Thus, the need for ethical hackers is booming around the world.

Impressive salary package 

If you hear the industry reports the average salary for a Certified Ethical Hacker can be $71,331 per annum. In case you learn the skills of Ethical Hacking, your possibilities of securing a career in Cyber Security is going to increase, an industry that will be recruiting three point five million and more unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally in the years to come. On top of such a thing, the demand for Cyber Security professionals is somewhat more than the supply. And it is perhaps the reason why the companies are willingly paying a handsome salary to recruit their overall cyber Security team to guard their information against black hat type of hackers. The thing is if you are well-versed in hacking, you can be sure that you have a lucrative future for sure. You would earn immense and your earnings would keep on growing with the passing of time. Also, this is one career that is somewhat close to the futureproof type of job.


So, you should get certified ethical hacker certification and ensure that you open up rewarding avenues for your future. This hacking line is not going to leave you disappointed in any way.

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