Training Drills With Basketball Shooting Machines


Players and teams need to stay in top shape at all times. This is why they need to train consistently to ensure that they are always ready for the most competitive games. There is no better way for players to stay ready than using the shooting trainer basketball gun. This device is America’s most trusted basketball equipment for training drills. Used by more than 2 million people, we highlight how they bring the best out of your training sessions.

Using the basketball shooting machine for training drills

Players can take about 2000 shots in one hour when they train with the basketball shot returner. This is why the machine is reliable and accurate in the following training drills:

Shooting on the spot

For this drill, the machine acts as a basketball hoop return gun. Players choose different locations around the court to shoot. In this scenario, they can program the machine to shoot the ball at different spots. This way, the players can practice shooting from various distances and angles.

Catching the ball for a kill shot

No other training drills perform as well as the shot trainer basketball gun with catch-and-shoot drills. The machine can be set to imitate real-game scenarios where players are made to catch the ball for a clean shot. With this drill, the players can work on their quick-release mechanisms and accurate shots. The essence of this drill is to allow players to master taking accurate shots while under pressure.

Practicing for free throws

Players need the basketball hoop return machine to master the art of free throws. The machine comes with support features that allow players to program elaborate routines for free throws. In this scenario, players enjoy consistent ball retrievals, which enables them to make as much as 1800 free throws in one hour.

The dribble-and-shoot drill

Thanks to the automatic basketball return system, players can easily train with efficient off-the-dribble shooting drills. This elaborate routine sees players working on their ability to shoot accurately off a dribble. To use the machine in this situation, players can adjust the integrated feature to deliver the ball – by mimicking specific dribbling routines. With this drill, players can easily work on their ability to make a basket after flawlessly executing a dribble.

The three-point shooting practice

The basketball machine is also useful for players to master the technique of scoring three points more often. With this drill, players learn to shoot from an area extending just beyond the arc. This machine can be used to consistently deliver the pass at different areas along the three-point line. With this drill, players can work on their ability to shoot from a long-range position.

Shooting-in-transition drills

With the automatic gun, players can benefit from fast-break situations as they get the ball in transition. With the machine, players learn how to shoot while in motion. This requires the ability to easily predict the trajectory of the ball for a flawless basket. With this drill, players master the technique they need to score in fast-paced games.

Training drills by the gun: Who needs to invest in the basketball machine

The shooting gun has helped millions of players around the world with elaborate training routines. For players to maintain their top-notch stamina, they need to consistently train with the basketball machine. In this case, they will have to use one wherever they go. The machine is beneficial in the following ways:

For player’s home use

After training with the team, players can rely on the shooting gun for individual shooting drills. There are special rebounding guns that are designed for home use. They can be set up in the backyard or driveway for enhanced training drills.

Professional teams and schools

Schools and professional basketball teams rely on the basketball machine to develop the abilities of the players. In this scenario, they can rely on multiple machines to train multiple players. Shooting machines are beneficial in this case because they cone with leaderboards and TV screens for instant performance feedback.

Training centres

When gyms and training centres invest in the basketball machine, they increase their revenue by 40%. This is because professional basketball teams and individual players choose sports centres with basketball machines.

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