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Top Funniest Characters in the History


Despite not being the main protagonists of a show, there are characters who manage to win the sympathy of the entire audience, and over time, they are more remembered than the rest of the cast.

That is, for example, the case of Barney Stinson, one of the protagonists of “How I Met Your Mother” who managed to eclipse Ted Mosby.

With his costumes, and occurrences or the way he take a funny quiz he became the center of attention of the series and as such, is the first in our list of funniest characters in the television series. Top funniest characters are given below

Chandler Bing:

The whole cast of “Friends” was magnificent, but without a doubt, Joey and Chandler were the best characters (without detracting from Phoebe). Between these two, Chandler was the one that made it easier for us to identify ourselves, and his dances, faces, and jokes made him a mythical character.

Cosmo Kramer:

Another case of theft of prominence. Although Jerry was the real leitmotif of “Seinfeld” and his monologues were brutal, George and Kramer took many prominences.

Specifically, Kramer’s follies and eccentricities reminded us of those crazy neighbors that we all had at some time. In addition, the aloud laughing made us feel fortunate for not having to deal with such an individual.

Dick Solomon:

This sit-com (“Things of Martians”) that many do not remember had some of the funniest characters on television, and without a doubt, the commander in chief of the Martians who thought to invade the Earth took the palm.

His particular sense of romanticism, his ignorance of earthly customs and his selfishness made him a joke with legs.

Eric Cartman:

In the beginning, this animated series had to have been starring Kyle and Stan, two normal boys, but as accessories, they were added to Eric and Kenny.

While Kenny was a constant resource to show violence on screen, Cartman became the machine to say tacos of the show, and both for his appearance (he is not fat … he is strong) and for his spoiled child customs, he has offered us the most delusional moments of this series.

Mr. Bean:

Although the series of «Mr. Bean » left behind from the modern era concept that we have of this type of product (replaced by the great « Benny Hill »), its protagonist is an unrepeatable character.

Rowan Atkinson immortalized this eccentric Briton in a spectacular way, and both in the real image series, and in the animated one, his simple face makes us ‘get tired of laughing’.

Roger Smith:

After creating “Family Guy,” Seth MacFarlane had the hard task of taking the genre of animated family comedies one-step further. Although the Smith family already gathered a group of very special characteristics (including their pet fish), adding the alien Roger was a master hit.

Eccentric like few others, fond of disguises and proud of his bisexuality, the fact that Roger is 1600 years old and escapes Area 51, has moved on to a second plan in pursuit of seeing his next madness.

Will Smith:

Finally, we have the character who launched Will Smith to fame and used the same name as the actor. Smith’s role as a nephew of a ‘family of posh’ is still in force today, and although in some respects it has aged in an exaggerated way, many continue to enjoy the series.

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So important is the character that Will Smith intends to make a new season of “The Prince of Bel-Air”, something that will undoubtedly please many, but that for me is just another example of lack of originality and desire to exploit past successes.

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