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The 3 Most Common Time Card App Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


A time card app is a powerful tool that has many benefits for both businesses and their employees. If appropriately used, companies can be more profitable, reduce labor costs, and improve their overall bottom line through healthier practices. Employees can also benefit from faster and more accurate pay, better scheduling and work hours accommodations, improved organization, and a more productive workflow.

Unfortunately, many businesses are still making crucial mistakes when it comes to using their timekeeper app. To get the most out of your employee time sheet software, it is essential to avoid these common mistakes.

Mistake #1: Not Having A Roll out Plan

The single biggest mistake that a business can make when deciding to use a time card app is not having a plan for how it will be implemented in the company. Change is scary regardless of what kind it is. Whether you’re moving from manual timekeeping to a time and attendance app or moving from one software to another, not having a suitable system to make sure everything goes smoothly can result in disaster.

Firstly, a roll out plan ensures that managers and employees know how and why the time card app is being implemented in the first place. Many employees are resistant to change and letting them know the reasons behind the change will make them much more likely to adopt the new technology and make full use of it.

Secondly, when introducing new technology into the workplace, it’s essential to have training procedures in place to get employees up to speed. Even employees who are willing to adopt the new technology may have difficulty grasping it without proper training. It’s also important to remember that everyone learns at different speeds, so having a robust training program as possible will make the process easier.

 Lastly, all parties involved must know how the technology will benefit them when they begin using it. This will improve adoption rates and make employees more likely to comply with the new system fully and not just partially.

Mistake #2: Picking the Wrong Software

While it may seem that all modern online time clock software is designed to do the same thing, this is not necessarily the case. Some software is designed to be more beneficial to specific businesses than others.

For instance, some software may be designed to track large numbers of employees better but may not have as many additional features as those that can track fewer employees. Other software still may be inclined towards project tracking and managing multiple tasks at once

Depending on the nature of your business, choosing the right time card app is incredibly important because there is no one size fits all solution. This is where peer-to-peer review websites can help you make a decision as they offer reliable insight from past and existing customers

Mistake #3: Not Tracking Everything

The purpose of a time  sheet management app is to track employees’ hours, attendance, and productivity. Even though this is the case, many businesses fail to track everything that they need correctly. It is essential to use the available tools to ensure that employees are staying on task and not wasting company time

A time card app makes it possible to monitor employee productivity in real-time so that managers know what employees are doing and can make sure that assigned work is being done. Only tracking employees part of the time or failing to track hours during specific periods of the day can lead to time sheet errors and lost profits and productivity. It’s a good idea to be monitoring everything you can using the software continuously.

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