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Loyalty and Love of Family Is Explored in DC’s Stargirl


Families are important. The love and support of your family play a critical factor in how you succeed in life. If you get scarred emotionally at an early age, its hard to overcome those destructive inner voices and move on to a better life.

Thats what’s so refreshing about DC’s Stargirl, the creation of Geoff Johns. The influence of family is a common theme in this teen-centered show. That and loyalty are critical components of the makeup of husband and father Pat Dugan (portrayed by Luke Wilson).

Protective Dad Pat Dugan

Pat, also known as S.T.R.I.P.E. or “Stripesy”, wore a costume with red and white stripes, but he did it for a reason. He endured ridicule about his costume so others would look at his clothing rather than his face. That in turn would protect his family. Pat is willing to suffer a loss of dignity to keep others safe.

Protecting his family and the Justice Society of America, also known as the JSA is central to all that he does. When his step-daughter Courtney Whitmore discovers the Cosmic Staff hidden in his basement which shes able to activate, Pat does all he can to train her to become the superhero shes destined to be.

Dad and a Mentor

Pat is as crucial a character as Obi-Wan Kenobi was to Luke Skywalker. Every superhero needs a mentor to show them the ropes, and Pat steps into the role as only a caring father could.

Americans care about their families which is why shows that focus on the importance of love and loyalty resonate with viewers. Its great to see a couple worry when their son feels left out and who reach out with concern to a foster child looking for her brother, even if she broke into their kitchen. What makes it fun is the foster girl happens to be the daughter of the Green Lantern, and the lantern Pat protects reflects the raging moods beneath daughter Jades smiling exterior.

DCs Stargirl Season 3

The subtitle of DCs Stargirl Season 3 is Frenemies, so expect more of those complicated relationships you saw in Season 2. Viewers got to see the softer side of supervillains such as couple Sportsmaster and Tigress (played by Neil Hopkins and Joy Osmanski respectively) who showed tenderness toward their daughter in Season 2.

Will their love for family redeem them? Only time will tell, but it's guaranteed to be a delight to watch.

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