Fun-Filled Weekend with Your Dog in Columbia, SC

How to Have a Fun-Filled Weekend with Your Dog in Columbia, SC


Columbia, South Carolina, is an incredible city full of history and southern charm.  If you’re traveling and want to give your furry companion a chance to enjoy the best experiences you can share with them, this is the perfect city!

These are some of the best stops and moments you can share with your dog in Columbia and why it’s such an awesome place to go!

Go Patio Dining!

You can do patio dining anywhere, but in Columbia, it’s entirely different!  Because of the amazing weather and relaxed, laid-back attitude, far more restaurants in Columbia offer patio dining than any other city!

This means you can sit outside with your p up and share a wonderful meal on vacation.  Some restaurants even offer pup menus that allow you to share a real meal with your companion!

Run Wild and Free

There are so many trails, parks, and outdoor spaces in Columbia that you could spend each day exploring a new one, and you’d be set for over a month!  Parks can be an awesome way to introduce your dog to the world and give them a chance to enjoy running and having fun.!  

The numerous trails offer different environments, from swamps to fields, allowing you to take in different views every time you go.  This also means that there are different rules.  Some will allow you to forgo the leash, while other parks are strict about it.  Make sure to know the rules on this before setting your pup free.

Enjoy Meeting Other Pups

If you’re looking at Columbia houses for sale and are considering moving here, it’s a good idea to get to know the pup-owning community!  There are a couple of drinking and play parks for dogs and their owners that ensure they can cut loose and play with other dogs while you share a drink with the owners.

This vacation plan is an incredible way to get to know other dog owners. 

Check Out the Endless Stays

There are countless hotels, Air BNBs, and more that will allow you to stay in comfortable digs with your furry companions.  Some offer pup-specific rooms, while others ask that you let them know ahead of time so they can better gear your stay to your canine companion.

This is awesome for anyone who dreads traveling with their dogs since it takes a lot of worries and questioning out of the equation.

Give Your Pup A Break Here Or There!

Columbia is one of the greenest cities out there.  Countless mini-parks, green patches, and beautiful tree views ensure your dog doesn’t have to stay inside the entire stay.  Get the most out of these charming little stops, and ensure your dog is energized.  Although your trip may be for you and the things you want to do and see, you don’t have to worry about struggling to find a stop for your dog to use the bathroom or relax for a moment.  

Columbia Will Surprise You!

Columbia is one of the most pleasantly surprising areas in the country!  If you’re ready to take a great break and take your pup with you, consider traveling here soon!

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