Slow Internet in Your Apartment

Here’s How to Fix Slow Internet in Your Apartment


Life in an apartment has its own flavor. The comfort that you would have for living in an apartment introduces you to countless things you cannot even imagine. From clearly listening to what is happening in your neighbor next door to bearing the scream of a toddler from other apartments, you have to handle a lot while living in an apartment.

Especially if we talk about internet service, you must have experienced a significant variance in quality being delivered to apartments. However, residents of apartments are often used to it but the conditions get frustrating if you are working remotely or running an online business. Because in such a situation, the compromised internet service quality means severe losses.

If you don’t want to face the same consequences, it is better to take sound initiatives for overcoming this issue before it’s too late. Click here to explore the best internet and TV services if you are looking for bundle offers. Internet solutions like Spectrum, deliver strong, reliable, and consistently fast internet for your apartment.

We have also brought to you five major and practically applicable tips to fix the slow internet speed in your apartment. So without further ado, let’s dive into the topic!

The Quickest Fix!

Apartments usually are small spaces and constructed with heavy materials such as concrete, metal, and beams. The structure of the apartment and the material used work as major obstructions to the thorough coverage of Wi-Fi signals. Additionally, having various closely located apartments in one building bearing multiple electronic and smart devices, it becomes challenging to get consistently fast internet speed.

In such a situation, all you need is to find the strongest internet coverage for your apartment that can cope with all these obstructions. You can put an end to signal instability by improving the strength of your internet signals or acquiring an internet connection specifically designed to serve users living in an apartment.

All you need to do is to search out the internet service providers in your area offering tailored internet solutions for residents of the apartment. You can also contact ISPs to get the strongest and fastest internet connection via their customer services number such as Spectrum Phone Number.

Five Fixes for Slow Internet Connection in Your Apartment

Here’s how you can fix slow internet and signal instability in your apartment:

1. Get a Mesh System for Your Apartment

If you want robust coverage for the signals coming from your router, getting a mesh system would be a good investment. You can easily extend the range of internet signals up to 100 feet by installing a mesh router in your apartment. However, this tip works best for larger apartments.

Especially if you have multiple smart devices, play heavy online games, or own a smart home, then you can go for this system. However, make sure you consider not only your current internet speed needs but also future ones while investing in a mesh system.

So you can have a prolonged and smooth journey with the mesh system you have bought enjoying the fastest and most consistent internet speed across every corner of your apartment.

2. Make Your Wi-Fi Signals Safe and Sound

Internet security is as important as its speed and reliability. You cannot compromise network security by having a strong and fast internet connection. Also, if your internet network is accessible to others, chances are great that your neighbor is using your internet. Thus it will ultimately affect the strength of internet signals and speed.

Therefore we would like to advise you to look for security features as well while choosing an internet plan or ISP for your apartment. We know that most ISPs offer their router, in-home Wi-Fi devices, or modem. If you want to stay with the provider’s offered devices, it is better to customize the password and name for your router’s network.

It is a fundamental fix for securing the signal of your Wi-Fi. All you need to do is to log in to the ISP’s app using the credentials and simply change the information like password and network name for you. For instance, you can do it just by accessing the setting options of your router.

3. Buy a Wi-Fi Extender for Your Apartment

The third fix for your slow internet speed is the installation of a Wi-Fi extender in your apartment. It is usually a perfect fix when you are unable to move your router due to any reason. You can get the desired level of signal coverage across your apartment by installing a competent Wi-Fi signals extender.

Make sure you keep your budget and required internet speed in your mind while deciding which Wi-Fi extender to buy. We know that you need to bear some financial outgoing but trust us, this decision will offer incredible outcomes for a longer duration.

Another important aspect you should consider while picking up any Wi-Fi extender is the size of your apartment. Also, figure out the dead spots in your apartment so you can easily decide how many of these devices you need and where you need to install them to get internet accessibility for the dead zones in your apartment.

4. Give a Try to Channel Surfing

Usually, the router utilizes 2.4 GHz or 5GHz bands which contain distinct channels. These channels are for receiving and sending signals from your Wi-Fi device. One of the reasons for slow internet speed could be the overuse of the same channel by various internet users in your neighborhood. That leads to congestion of internet signals thus all routers using the same band start emitting slow internet signals.

The simple fix for this issue is to identify the less crowded channel for your router. We have 24 channels for the range of 5 GHz bands and 11 channels for the range of 2.4 GHz bands. All you need to do is to find out channel with less traffic by using Wi-Fi utilities or the ISP app. Start with scanning all available channels for the band you are using. Then filter out the one with the least traffic to set your router device to it. Thus you can easily get rid of slow internet speed.

5. Change the Position of Your Router

Last but not least fix we have for you is to change the position of your router. Sometimes the issue we are facing is because the place we have selected to place our router is not appropriate. Try to place it in the center of your apartment with minimum distractions including heavy furniture, electronic devices, or else. Also, make sure your router is not placed on a bookshelf or closer to it.

In a Nutshell

You can significantly improve the strength and speed of your internet connection. However, if you are still unable to get rid of slow internet speed, even after following all these tips, it’s time for you to switch to another internet plan or ISP. You can visit BuyTVInternetPhone to get the best ISP available in your area.

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