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Don’t have the budget for a smart TV? Get an Android box instead!


Smart TVs are everywhere nowadays. Seeing them all around you might also pique your interest in them. Eventually, you may reach a point where you think a smart TV in your living room would be great too. Moreover, don’t you think the current 10-year-old TV in your house could use an upgrade?

But wait! Before your thoughts get any further, we suggest you check the prices of a smart TV. You will probably think that they are quite cheap and therefore go ahead and get one. However, you could be even more price conscious and not pay as much as a brand-new TV. How? Get an Android Box.

With an Android box, you will get access to all the features you may have wanted in a smart TV. It is basically a smart set top box which has the power to make your TV smart. Simply plug it into your TV and see it evolve into an Android TV.

Here is the set of features that you will find in some of the best Android boxes:

Android user interface makes your TV experience better

Getting an Android Box means you are bringing Google’s extremely powerful OS to your TV. You will not have to interact with the boring and clunky stock TV user interface (UI). Instead, you will be greeted with a brand-new UI with aesthetic colours, smooth animations and an easy-to-understand platform. The Android TV OS makes everything better and faster.

Binge watch freely

One of the biggest benefits of getting a smart TV (or an Android box) is the ability to watch OTT on your TV. Watch the latest TV shows, movies, and documentaries, now on TV. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, etc. – you can now stream it all on the big screen.

Built-in Chromecast

Remember the time when you had to connect multiple wires to your phone or TV to cast content? You can finally say goodbye to those. Thanks to Google’s Chromecast, which comes with your Android box, you can cast your screen wirelessly. Just ensure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and you are good to go. Wires are so old school; say ‘Hello’ to cutting-edge tech.

Voice command

Now you can even control your TV with your voice. With the help of Google’s Assistant, you can simply command the TV to change the screen brightness, and volume levels, switch between channels, pause OTT streaming and more.

Wondering where you can get the right smart set-top box or Android box with all these features? You can try out Airtel’s Xstream Android box. It is equipped with all the features that we have mentioned here.

Purchase this Android box for just ₹1,500 and also get Airtel’s free DTH connection. With Airtel DTH, you will get more than 500 channels in 4K quality, images that burst to life and impeccable sound quality.

Therefore, do not let your budget limit stand in the way of you getting a smart TV at home. Bring home an Android box today and experience the magic of Smart TVs right away!

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