4 Ideal Smartphones to Consider


Hey! Aiming to change your smartphone for a better work and pleasure experiences? Then be conscious while buying a phone and grab the one that can really meet all of your work and pleasure requirements. While searching out the market, you find various phones with different storage capacities and ram speeds enabling you to choose the perfect option. Moreover, other than Samsung and Apple, there are other players too that have entered the tech world with their impressive smartphones. With valuing storage capacity and ram speed, you should also look for other features such as screen size, camera results and durability “enabling a smartphone to survive a massive drop. However, the more you research the market, the more you increase your chances to get the ideal smartphone for yourself. In this regard, this blog assists you and it has come up with some incredible smartphone options for you.

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Indeed, it is the remarkable smartphone that enjoys huge popularity nowadays and it is capable of catering to your fun and work requirements all together. Additionally, the weight of this smartphone is 22g making it the ideal one to hold and along with that, it has the ram options such as 12GB and 8 GB. Furthermore, the storage options are 1TB, 128GB, 512GB and 256GB making it the ideal option to try. It also has the ideal front camera of 40MP along with the rear ones like 12 MP, 10MP, 108MP and 10MP with the screen size of 6.8 inches. While visiting various tech stores for buying your smartphone, you should also consider Casper where you can get discounts while making purchases with Casper kupon kodu.

  • iPhone 13

No doubt, it also enjoys the huge popularity in the market and with having lots of features, it is also very durable option for everyone, so you should also consider it. It weighs 174g with the screen size of 6.1 inches. Moreover, the ram is about 4GB along with the storage options of 512GB, 256 GB and 128GB and both rear and front cameras are 12 MPs. It means that you can also consider it and enjoy using a quality smartphone that also adds a style to your life.

  • OnePlus 9 Pro

It is another famous smartphone option in the market that you can consider and yes, it also comes into your specific budget easily, so you cannot skip it easily. The weight of this smartphone is 197g along with the screen of 6.7 inches giving you the ideal display to do work and fun perfectly. The rams of this smartphone are 8GB and 12 GB and its storage capacity is about 128GB and 256GB enabling you to store maximum stuff properly. The rear cameras are 48MP, 50 MP, 8MP and 2 MP along with the front one is 16MP.

  • Asus Rog Phone 5

This smartphone also exists among the affordable options, so you should also consider it and it also gives you the amazing experience one can expect from any high-tech smartphone. The weight of this phone is 238g along with the screen size of 6.78 inches and the storage capacities of this phone is 128 GB and 256 GB. Its back camera is of 64MP, 13MP and 5MP along with the front one is 24MP

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