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Do you need to upgrade your link building strategies now?


Contrary to the ongoing myth that link building is about to die, it is going still and strong. Furthermore, it is being claimed that link building is going to be more refined and strong. This means that Mr. Doe next door won’t be able to show off his spam website ranked higher now. And it is for the good of all because the internet is going to be the future of us all, says PerfectLinkBuilding. For example, when it comes to link building services, USA has many quality and many foul websites. Now, the websites using blackhat tactics won’t be able to survive anymore.

If we just look at 2022 from the hawk-eye view, we find that some of the old link building strategies won’t be working anymore. It is what we call digital evolution.

So, what are the novel link building strategies that you need to follow in 2022 and onwards?

Top 5 updated link building strategies for 2022!

When we talk of evolution, we talk of millions of years. But it is not so in the case of this internet. Here, evolution means changes happening year by year. What was the tale of 2021 might not be the tale of 2022. Take Google for example, it keeps on releasing updates after updates after updates. All these changes are a way to make the internet grow mature and a nice place to surf into. What quality link building services (USA) used to follow in 2012 won’t be the same as what they will follow in 2022. Thus, this list of updated link building strategies.

Write content worth sharing!

Digital experts have been saying it again and again since the advent of RankBrain and A.I. into the Google engines that content will be the king. It has to be. When Google was an innocent child, people used to trick it to rank higher. And this meant using shortcuts to the peak. It involved bad quality content, keyword stuffing, spam link building, and whatnot bad and foul. But now, Google has grown smarter. It now can understand the context behind a query and the content. It means that if you write irrelevant content now, you will see a downfall.

The Internet already has become a cesspool of bland content. It now requires value because almost all of us use it to look for something. Perfect Link Building strongly suggests trying to provide value to the customers and write content that can make them click that share button.

Now, once you have created quality content, it is time to reach websites.

Use Email Outreach and Skyscraper Technique

Now, after creating quality content, it is time to replace the bad-quality content already out there with yours. If you have created quality content with the intent to replace the bad quality with your better one, it is time to reach that page. Look for the contact details of the person handling that website and reach.

Try to create an impactful email apt enough to persuade the website’s owner to replace the bad link with yours. This will only happen if the replacement will serve that person some value.

Furthermore, you can use the Skyscraper technique, says PerfectLinkBuilding. This means that you will now be targeting your competitors specifically. For this, you first need to do a backlink analysis of your competitor and see what content they are providing. You can do this analysis either using paid tools out there like Moz or SemRush, or you can go for link building services (USA). Once you have made a list of bad quality competitor content, it is time to create a high quality one and then reach those websites.

Try replacing broken links!

They say that the world is all full of opportunities at any point of time. All that one needs to do is to know where that opportunity lies. The Internet is not fairly new, but there are websites and pages that once were but now are no more. This means that pages that were linking to those ‘now-no-more’ pages will be sending their visitors to a 404 error page. This is where your opportunity lies, says PerfectLinkBuilding. What you can do is to find all the broken links in your niche out there, create a replacement page, and then reach those webpages to place a link for the new content that you have created. But how do you find the broken links to replace?

The best way is to use the Ahrefs Broken Link Checker, which is a paid tool. Here is a step by step guide to broken link building –

  • Create a list of high authoritative websites in your niche. If your website is about sports, then ESPN, Star Sports, etc. could be your target.
  • Use Ahrefs tool to analyse these websites for broken links placed in their websites.
  • Filter the result for broken links or 404 errors.
  • Export the results.
  • Now, use all these broken links to do a backlink analysis and see how many websites are linking to these broken pages. For example, if ESPN has a page that has a broken link, it means that there could be hundreds of other websites that might be linking to it. Reach these websites out.
  • Create quality content and have a quality email outreach.

Be a part of an Expert Community!

Expertise and Authority is something that has become a need of the present. And what better way is there to have one than being a part of the expert community? It is like what we do in real life. When we want to be a writer, we try being a part of the community of experts, says PerfectLinkBuilding.

There are websites that post articles like an experts’ roundup. For example, you might find an article titled “7 link building experts speak about the future of SEO and link building.” be a part of such roundups and you can get a high-quality link to your website. How to do it?

Do a generic google search like –

  • your target keyword “weekly roundup” or “monthly roundup”
  • your target keyword inurl:roundup or intitle:roundup. This will show you titles and urls that have “roundup” in them.

Click on the results and reach.

Do Guest Posting! Quality Guest Posting!

Many people believe that guest posting is disgust posting. No! It is still and will be one of the top-ranked strategies for link building. What is Guest Posting? Well, Guest Posting means you are writing quality content for other websites in a way to get a link placed to your website.

Now, you might be thinking that it is such an easy way to get backlinks. But, no! Believes PerfectLinkBuilding, Getting high quality backlinks using guest posting is hard. If you reach a website with a high DA and PA score, then you might even need to pay them for this. The cost goes anywhere from 100$ to beyond it. At other times, the content must be so revolutionary that the website fails to deny you the same. Whatever it is, when doing guest posting, make sure you are doing it for a website with a high DA and PA score, otherwise, you’ll be harming yourself.

Link Building is a vital step that helps a website reach a higher state of digital pleasure. The better the linkbuilding, the higher the SERP ranking, and higher the revenue for the business. But know that it is hard. Why? Because it takes time, skill, effort, and regular updates. This is why major companies invest thousands to millions of USD in Link Building Services (USA) for a better future. If you have the budget, we strongly suggest you to leave the work for the experts to handle.

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