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Why Are Hourly Stays Perfect for Frequent Travellers?


The travel world is evolving like never before for you have innumerable options to choose from while travelling. Whether it is about accommodation, transportation, food, exploration, or anything else, you get to witness new cultures emerging at a fast pace today. And hourly room booking is one of the newly-formed cultures and has been gaining acceptance across the world as it has numerous benefits travellers can reap.

It really hurts when you stay only for a few hours but you have to pay for the full night. Isn’t it? However, with hourly accommodation in action, you are no longer bound to pay a hefty amount for staying for a short while. Now, you can pay on an hourly basis just for the fraction of the time you are using the property.

If you are a frequent traveller, it is going to be nothing less than a blessing for you. You can use hourly hotel booking apps like Goibibo to get deals and discounts on your stay. However, let’s move ahead and learn why hourly stays are perfect for frequent travellers.


Though it goes without saying that hourly stays are economical on several levels, there is still a need to understand how it saves your money. If you travel frequently, you must have come across situations where you would just need a place to take a break for a few hours and then move forward to a new destination. And this is where hourly stays come to your rescue. Now, with hourly room booking, you can book hotels on an hourly basis and save lots of money.

 Flexible Check-in and Check-out Timings

 One of the biggest advantages of hourly stays is that you get flexible check-in and check-out timings. So, even if you are reaching your destination in the middle of the night or early in the morning, you always have a place to go to. You can book these hourly rooms if your flight is delayed by several hours or your meeting is postponed to another time of the day. 

A Place to Freshen Up 

Imagine you have been travelling for hours in your car and now you need a place to rest for a while. You would definitely hesitate to spend your money on hotel booking as you would have to pay for the entire day. But the problem has been resolved with the introduction of hourly hotel booking. Now, you can conveniently make a halt at a hotel, freshen yourself up, laze on the couch or bed for an hour or two, and then move on to your destination. 

A Solution to your Luggage Problems 

It’s time to get rid of all your worries as hourly stays get you a perfect room for your luggage. While travelling, you wouldn’t love to carry your bags and other items wherever you go, especially when you are in the town on a sightseeing tour only for a few hours. In such cases, you can opt to book an hourly stay and keep all your luggage there. And it will be absolutely safe to do so.

So, without any further delay, download the best travel booking app – Goibibo, and avail yourself of hourly rooms at great prices. With the travel app, you can also get special discounts on specific hotels.

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