What To Look for in a Family Car

What To Look for in a Family Car


So, you’re thinking about starting a family. Or, maybe you have a growing family. Either way, you’ll need the right set of wheels to drive all your passengers around. Parents who have never shopped for a family van or SUV before may not know which features are best for families on the go. Here are a few great features to consider to better ensure everyone is happy and safe on the wide, open road.

Lots and Lots of Space

Plenty of space is a must for kids who have lots of energy and may not be able to stand to feel cramped and cooped up for very long. Bear in mind that a child’s definition of “very long” may be drastically different from yours. In any case, you want a family vehicle that has lots of space and enough seating for your kids and any friends they may want to bring along, including the family dog.

In addition to space, think of how the car is laid out. For instance, you may want to be able to walk through the second row to get to the third row to buckle everyone in.

Folding Seats

There are likely to be times when you need more cargo space than sitting space. That’s why it’s good to check out models with folding seats while finding a safe family car. You’re sure to appreciate the extra room when it’s time to go grocery shopping for you and everyone else in the house. Additionally, you need enough room for strollers, sports equipment, science projects and anything else your kids may need to cart around with them.

Car and Booster Seat Compatibility

Imagine thinking you’ve found the perfect car, getting a great deal on it and driving it home only to discover it’s not compatible with your car and booster seats. Be sure you keep this detail in mind while shopping for a family car. If you don’t yet have a booster or car seats, check to see whether the ones you’re shopping for will fit securely and safely inside the car you just bought. If there’s a chance you’ll be driving around someone else’s kids, be sure to account for needing space for an extra car seat.

Entertainment Center

You can’t keep your eyes on the road and keep your kids entertained at the same time. That’s why you need to have a family car with a great entertainment system. Vehicles with DVD players can be a saving grace, or maybe you and your kids need outlets and plenty of power for tablet entertainment. Either way, get a vehicle that has the features your kids need to be still and quiet while you drive.

Reversing Camera

Sometimes, kids have to learn the hard way to put their toys and bikes up where they belong rather than leave them strewn about outside. To keep from running over a favorite toy or bike, opt for a vehicle model with a reversing camera that lets you clearly see what’s behind you. This safety feature is an especially great and comforting addition for parents of small children who may not yet realize how dangerous cars are.

Auto Parking

You can easily park your van in your home’s driveway or garage, but the task may not be so easy when you make a trip into the city or another area where large parking spots aren’t plentiful. For those times, you’ll be glad to have auto parking. The way this feature works is sensors detect when you have adequate space for your vehicle and take care of parking for you. All you have to do is accelerate and brake and you’re good.

While you may enjoy having a family, you may find it a pain to transport everyone. Knowing which features are essential is sure to save you a lot of time at the dealership and help keep everyone happy whilst traveling.

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