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What to Consider Before a Used-Car Purchase


A car is one of the most expensive investments a person can make in his lifetime. This may not be the same case when you are buying one from a used cars Fresno dealer instead. However, doing so can be tricky; and this may lead you to spend more if you do it the wrong way. Here are some factors that you have to closely consider first before you decide on a particular used car model:

You have to test-drive the used car

Take the car out for a drive. Make sure it is 40 to 50 kph. Step on the brake firmly and if it isn’t smooth it may mean that there’s a problem on its brake rotors or that it needs new pads. Make sure that the car doesn’t swerve when you step on the brake. It might be a sign of worn-out steering elements or problems on the brake calipers.

Check the car’s engine bay

By just looking under the hood, you will know more about the car’s engine and body. When the car had a front-end collision, it will have a welted or bolted car frame. When you find scratch marks on the bolt heads, it means that the front panel has been replaced or perhaps realigned.

Look into the car’s tires

Car tires, all four of them, have to be even. When it isn’t, it only means that the tires have not been rotating properly. It may also be caused by faulty wheel alignment brought about by worn steering or frame damage or suspension components.

You have to look into the car’s vehicle history

You can do this by getting as much information as you can from the car’s owner and do your own research too. You can check through its vehicle identity number if the car has been in an accident in the past. You will also notice if there are liens on it or if there are model recalls.

Be wary of the mileage

An average car will likely have 20,000 km per year on its mileage. To determine whether the car has a high or low mileage, you can divide the number shown on the odometer by the car’s age. The car that possesses a high mileage will possess more wear and tear on its mechanical parts.

Notice the upholstery

The car’s seats and interior fabric are prone to tears and stains. Leather is likely to have cracks over time. Keep in mind that upholstery can be expensive to replace.

Make sure that you have two budgets for the purchase.

Apart from the money you set for the car’s price, set aside approximately 20 percent of the same amount for the fixes to make the car roadworthy. It will be stressful for you if you don’t have this budget.

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