play games and earn money.

Ways to make money by playing games


Nowadays, you can make money by playing games. But it may not be very simple and easy. Often people give up this method of earning money because the job factor kills the fun of enjoying games.  Either this or the thought of games like sports betting or poker with Personalized Playing Cards belonging to the wayward and jobless weighs in heavy on their conscience. Many imagine they won’t be able to make a living out of it. However, it is possible if you are young, single, ready to dedicate time and give some years to it. Here are some ways to play games and earn money.

1. Start live streaming

You can stream your gameplay live for anyone to see. Prioritize building a big audience base to monetize your real-time gameplay with ads or through donations and subscriptions. You can use YouTube or Twitch for this purpose.

2. Give games journalism a try

Think of yourself as a writer and write news, reviews, and interviews for games. You can get paid on a per-word basis as a freelancer. If you have your website, you can monetize it with ads or subscriptions.

3. Make video game guides and tutorials

Newcomers like reading guides and watching tutorials for some games, especially multiplayer PvP titles. It makes a market for you to earn money by providing gamers with info. You can create game guides, upload video guides or publish them on eBooks.

4. Host a YouTube channel or try a gaming podcast

If you have a lot to tell people, create daily or weekly gaming shows. It could be tips for games, roundtable discussions, or anything that could create interest.

You can monetize YouTube videos and Podcasts with ads, sponsorships, and other monetization methods.

5. Win game tournaments and get sponsorships

PvP titles commonly take place in tournaments, especially in fighting games. The higher the popularity of the game, the bigger the prize pool will be. If you are a pro, then you can participate in an eSports organization and earn a salary via winning tournaments and sponsorships. Make additional income by live streaming your game.

6. Earn money by testing games

Games pass through several phases before they get released. Once it reaches completion, developers want the outside world to test their games and gain fresh reviews. Hence, you can join as a play-tester and earn money. Check everything right from the gameplay, functions, settings, bugs and give them a genuine review.

7. Sell accounts

If you have spent a lot of time gaming, you can flip your account to other players. It means you can resell some Steam Trading cards you have earned to players who want them. However, it may not be much, but sufficient to cover your next game purchase.

You can also use websites like Fiverr to sell gaming services to those interested. Maybe someone is alone and wants a gaming partner for an hour and is ready to pay you for this.

Earning money to play games is an honest job

Games are fun and a good prospect to escape reality. If you love playing, you can turn it into a career by pursuing any of the options given above. The opportunities stated above are the best ways to make an income related to gaming. Also, you can make your own game and earn money by selling it or through ads or in-app purchases, but it may take a long time and a completely new skillset.

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