Top 6 Qualities and Traits of An all Centre Industry Agent in a BPO Industry

Top 6 Qualities and Traits of An all Centre Industry Agent in a BPO Industry


Call centre agents generally have high turnover rates. Turnover rates with more than 20% are considered to be low with some of the call centres having distinction of achieving 100 percent turnovers. It’s never to see why, the work is generally considered to be stressful, the pay is low, and the most important career path is never ever that clear. It is for this major reason it does become important to identify the characteristics of the long term, successful call centre agents looking for the same qualities in hiring the best practices. Given below are the top 7 qualities and traits of all the call centre industry agents working in the BPO Industry.

Patience and something more than it: Most of the call centre agents generally lose all their patience before deciding to call you for help. This again means you have a plenty of your own to go around. You could never let the small little things get to you, so do not allow it to bother you if it does take some time to get to the point, or if they still have a few frustrations even if you have nothing personal to deal with them. The interest that you show in helping resolve their concern could ultimately make your call go successful.

Calm under fire: One of the major reason as to why the call centre agents turnover is the burnout. This generally turns out to be surprising especially when the number of frustrated callers that the call centre agents interact with on their daily basis. And agents who make it in a long run aren’t that easily flattered. Even when you have a customer who has been yelling at them over the phone on regular basis successful call centre agents keep them cool.

Making use of the idle time to your advantage: Contact centre agents would continue to have a fair deal of the idle time. As an effective manager of the call centre agent work with the issues that continue to arise during a particular call. This would also the call centre agent to have a look at all the serious and confusing issues making sure that they do not appear again and again.

Team player: Making and taking the calls would continue to seem like a solitary role, but in reality call centres are generally taking care of agents who act as a team. Qualities like assertiveness and sociability are often present in each and every call centre agent, boosting the overall morale and performance of the organization.

The listening skills: Call centre industry agents continue to hear the same requests again and again. For them it is very easy to get complacent and tune out assuming that you already know what your customer has been facing and how you could actually resolve them. The best call centre agents would never ever make any kind of an assumption about the needs and requirements of the call centre agents. They handle each and every call as if it’s unique and treat every customer as an individual.

Assertiveness: At the end of the day each and every organization would want their customers to be happy making sure that their services are delivered on time. And for a call centre agent this would mean of being able to resolve the issues of their clients and customers in a timely manner. And for every call centre agent it does become ideal for them to take it on the next level of assertiveness, getting the job done quickly making the customers happy without jumping on the hoops and getting supervisor approval at a great ease.

So what are the other qualities or traits you would like to add to the list above.  How have you led your business to a benefit? Do leave your comments below.

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