Never Do at Home

Things You Should Never Do at Home


When it comes to your home, there are some unwritten rules. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top list of things you should never do at home. 

Never Do Your Own Plumbing:

You may think that doing your own plumbing can’t be that difficult. However, it is advised against strongly even if you are an expert in these fields. Attempting to do your own plumbing is simply a red zoneandano-goarea.ThisisbecausetherearespecificsafetyrequirementswhichareoutlinedintheUniformBuildingCode(UBC)-whichcouldbedangerous if they are not carried out by a professional. Additionally, if you do attempt to do your own plumbing, then you may end up causing a huge mess- and when you get a leak or burst pipe in your house this can be detrimental for how big of a job it will be afterwards.

Remove Walls Between Your Rooms:

Although most of us love the idea of having an open plan living space, there are just some ways you shouldn’t go about achieving this. In an ideal world, the notion of knocking down your walls and creating your perfect living space seems completely realistic. However, unless you are a professional engineer or contractor, then you shouldn’t knock down any walls in your home- as this can have a hugely negative impact on the structure of your house.

Leave Your Electricals Alone:

As most of us already know, messing around with electricals can be extremely dangerous, and is something we encourage our children to not do when they begin to explore the house. However, just because we think we can be safe while touching our electrics, doesn’t mean we should do so. Otherwise, this can lead to terrible accidents.

Be Cautious If You Have Pets:

If you have pets, you may become unaware of the fact that often, our pets can leave a lingering smell. Whether you have become immune to the smell of your pet, or you are in denial that your pet smells at all- it’s important that you invest time in ensuring your home is extra clean.  When the weather gets warmer, it’s important that you open the windows and get some fresh air in. Additionally, you could also have a designated area for your pet where they can relax and you can be free of worrying about

Don’t Park on Your Front Garden:

It kind of goes without saying, but if you have a front garden then realistically, you shouldn’t be parking your car on your grass. Not only does it look rather strange for those who pass your house (and your neighbours), but also you could be damaging the health of your garden.

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